On July 7th, the JVA partnered up with the Beach Volleyball Clubs of America to host the BVCA National Championships in Hermosa Beach, CA. Jeff Smith, the director of BVCA, Sand Recruits and 692 West Beach Volleyball Club, has successfully showcased another great tournament with the top athletes competing in this highly recruited event.

“In our third year we have seen tremendous growth, not only in the number of teams, but the number of participating clubs. We had 38 beach clubs and 247 teams from 12 states,” stated Jeff.

“The BVCA attracts the top junior beach talent from all around the US and in doing so we had 19 college programs recruiting for 3 days. The recruitingsite Sandrecruits.com connects the athlete with the college and streamlines the process for the colleges to recruit on the beach.”

The JVA and BVCA missions run parallel in their efforts to support junior clubs, whether indoor or beach, and provide them with program and resource development, education and events. Both organizations look to grow the game and the BVCA assists any JVA member in doing so with their beach programs.

Opening night of the tournament, the JVA was able to host a social to extend our appreciation for everything the club’s do for the junior athletes and the sport. Over 75 coaches and club directors came together for some time out of the sun and learning what the JVA has to offer. The amount of positive feedback was endless, especially with interest to help grow the beach resources and education on our website.

“Partnering with the JVA has been integral because the JVA has helped the BVCA stand on our own merit with helping out in event insurance, and lending a helping hand in every part of running a big event,” says Jeff. Remember the BVCA membership is free so make sure to sign up to get the 2016 National Championship information.To check out more on this years’ BVCA National Championship, WATCH this wrap up video to get you excited for next year!

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