To coincide with the game changing year reaching nearly 1,000 member clubs and establishing 3 new events, one of which is the first JVA hosted event on the west coast, the JVA is proud to announce the most decorated Ultra Ankle® JVA All-National Team to date. The JVA Awards Committee has selected 80 female student athletes from JVA members clubs across the country to represent the top JVA member club players in the 15s-18s age divisions.

“The amazing pool of talented athletes among JVA member clubs made it extremely difficult to select our Ultra Ankle® JVA All-National Team. We are very proud of every athlete that plays under the JVA banner across the country. Congratulations to these 80 young women who represent the best of the best in the Junior Volleyball Association” shares JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn.

The JVA would like to congratulate the honorees, the coaches and the JVA member clubs for your dedication to the sport of volleyball and the mission of JVA.

Class of 2017 click here to view

Lauren Barnes – Libero/Defensive Specialist. 1st Alliance (IL)
Ally Barrett – Outside Hitter. Club Fusion (IL)
Maddie Goings – Opposite/Right Side. Texas Advantage Volleyball (TX)
Kenzie Koerber – Opposite/Right Side. Tstreet VBC (CA)
Martha Konovodoff – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Sports Performance (IL)
Grace Loberg – Outside Hitter. Club Fusion (IL)
Kylee McLaughlin – Setter. Texas Advantage Volleyball (TX)
Jennifer Mosser – Outside Hitter. MN Select (MN)
Morgan O’Brien – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Sky High (IL)
Kendyl Paris –  Middle Blocker. AVC/Mintonette Sports (OH)
Rachel Ritchie – Outside Hitter. A4 Volley (CA)
Mikayla Robinson – Middle Blocker. Sky High (IL)
Nia Robinson – Outside Hitter. Munciana (IN)
Stephanie Samedy – Opposite/Right Side. Top Select Volleyball Academy (FL)
Payton Schwantz – Outside Hitter. Texas Advantage Volleyball (TX)
Ashley Shook – Setter. Sports Performance (IL)
Sami Slaughter – Outside Hitter. Kairos Elite (SD)
Anna Stevenson – Middle Blocker. Upward Stars Upstate (SC)
Anezka Szabo – Opposite/Right Side. Kairos Elite (SD)
Erika Ward – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Michigan Elite (MI)
Deja Williams –  Middle Blocker. A5 (GA)

Class of 2018 click here to view

Rachel Ahrens – Outside Hitter, A4 Volley (CA)
Brooke Andersen – Outside Hitter. Milwaukee Sting (WI)
Karson Bacon – Middle Blocker. TStreet Volleyball Club (CA)
Diana Brown – Setter. AVC/Mintonette Sports (OH)
Devon Chang – Setter. A4 Volley (CA)
Grace Cleveland – Middle Blocker. Illini Elite (IL)
Destiny Cox – Outside Hitter. Triangle VBC (NC)
Shannon Crenshaw  – Top Select Volleyball Academy (FL)
Lily Felts – Outside Hitter. K2 Volleyball Club (TN)
Riley Fischer – Libero/Defensive Specialist. A5 (GA)
Lauryn Gibbs – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Michigan Elite (MI)
Mia Grunze – Outside Hitter. Milwaukee Sting (WI)
Thayer Hall – Outside Hitter. Upward Stars (SC)
Nicklin Hames – Setter. K2 Volleyball Club (TN)
Kaitlyn Hord – Middle Blocker. Lexington United (KY)
Caroline McGraw – Libero/Defensive Specialist. MN Select (N)
Erin O’Leary – Setter. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI)
Jonni Parker – Setter. Munciana (IN)
Katie Schoessow – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Milwaukee Sting (WI)
Elena Shklyar – Setter. Virginia Elite (VA)
Alli Stumler – Outside Hitter. Asics KIVA (KY)

Class of 2019 click here to view

Amber Beals – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Maddy Chinn – Outside Hitter. Michigan Elite (MI)
Lauren Clark – Outside Hitter. Crossfire Volleyball (MN)
Logan Eggleston – Outside Hitter. Alliance VBC (TN)
Gabby Gonzales- Outside Hitter. A5 (GA)
Kayleigh Hames – Outside Hitter. K2 Volleyball Club (TN)
Madison Horin – Middle Blocker. 1st Alliance (IL)
Kailey Keeble – Setter. K2 Volleyball Club (TN)
Dru Kuck – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Milwaukee Sting (WI)
Morgan Lewis – Middle Blocker. WAVE Volleyball Club (CA)
Reilly MacNeill – Middle Blocker. A5 (GA)
Emma Monks – Middle Blocker. Asics KIVA (KY)
Kylie Murr – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Munciana (IN)
Camille Nazor – Setter. Asics KIVA (KY)
Machaela Podraza – Setter. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Shea Rubright – Middle Blocker. Central Region United (WA)
Maria Tobergte – Outside Hitter. Tri-State Elite (OH)
McKenna Vicini – Middle Blocker. Lexington United (KY)
Riley Wagoner – Outside Hitter. Mintonette Sports (OH)

Class of 2020click here to view

Lexie Almodovar – Outside Hitter. Munciana (IN)
Naomi Cabello – Setter. Top Select VBC (FL)
Aliyah Carter – Outside Hitter. Adrenaline VBC (IA)
Sam Csire – Outside Hitter. Academy Volleyball Cleveland (OH)
Celia Cullen – Setter. Team Detroit Volleyball Club (MI)
Anna DeBeer – Outside Hitter. Asics KIVA (KY)
Jade Demps – Outside Hitter. Triangle Volleyball Club (NC)
Sydney Dowler – Setter. Triangle Volleyball Club (NC)
Olivia Franke – Middle Blocker. Virginia Elite (VA)
Elizabeth Helmich – Opposite/Right Side. MN Select (MN)
Taylor Landfair – Outside Hitter. Sports Performance (IL)
Emily Londot – Middle Blocker. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Cate Long – Outside Hitter. Mizuno Sports Performance (IL)
Hattie Monson – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Mizuno Sports Performance (IL)
Jessie Mruzik – Outside Hitter. Team Detroit Volleyball Club (MI)
Kylie Pries – Middle Blocker. Tstreet (CA)
Rylee Rader – Middle Blocker. Asics KIVA (KY)
Kiara Reinharddt – Middle Blocker. Milwaukee Sting VBC (WI)
Melani Shaffmaster – Setter. Munciana (IN)

The JVA All-National Team honorees will be honored and presented with an award at the JVA Midyear meeting on June 22nd at 2:30PM during the AAU National Championships in Orlando, Florida. Click here to view the location and submit an RSVP.

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