A volleyball player’s time is limited, however there can be a simple way to incorporate fitness, mindfulness and mental training into the weekly routine. The JVA has launched two brand new educational series that share short and easy ways for players, coaches and even parents to make fitness and mental training a regular part of the routine. 

Take5 with T3

Todays athlete is bigger, stronger, faster and the competition is much more difficult. Take5 powered by JVA is a weekly series that shares short videos with exercises for volleyball athletes to perform anywhere to achieve overall volleyball fitness. The Series will include:

1.) Stretching/Dynamic Warm-up -Yoga
2.) Core training
3.) Resistance training with Plyometrics, and/or weights
4.) Ball striking-Practice
5.) H.i.i.T. Intervals
6.) Static stretching/Cool down-Yoga

Below is a preview at what Take5 will share with volleyball players and coaches every Wednesday beginning September 12th

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Thomas Andrews is the Founder of T3 (Train Track Transform) “If you Stay Ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.” – Says my momma.
Thomas is a Traveller, Entrepreneur, Athlete, Personal trainer, and Inventor. His fitness training travels to different countries and have given birth to a style of fitness training that works. Take 5 with T3 (Train Track Transform) encompasses his approach to fitness and life which is about developing the will to prepare to win. 
Take5 with T3 starts with Time. Everyone says that they don’t have enough time! Nonsense. If you are new to fitness, Take 5 minutes. If you are a student-athlete, take 5 minutes to prepare for your sport. Take 5 to create the habits and actions that make all the difference. If you are a busy mother, father or student, or whatever your occupation is, this will work for you too. Start by creating results from 5 minutes at a time and increase to 60. 
Begin with The T3 Power Bag. Visit T3 at www.t3powerready.com for more info.

Tuesdays with Mora set to Launch Tuesday, September 18th

Players spend hours training the physical skills of volleyball, and coaches spend hours planning and running training sessions focused on the physical skills. However, that accounts for only 10-20% of what leads to team success. Tuesdays with Mora will focus on developing and training the other 80-90% of the game which is the mental skills and building culture and teamwork. Catch the first video on JVA’s instagram and in the JVA Dig It App Wednesday, September 18th. 

Mora Kanim is the Founder and President of Coaching C.L.O.U.T. She founded Coaching C.L.O.U.T in 2010 with the vision of sharing her insights with others, and helping them build more effective relationships in their quest for excellence. Currently, Kanim works primarily with collegiate teams, club teams and various companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Before forming Coaching C.L.O.U.T., Kanim was the Head Volleyball Coach at Kent State University from 1997-2007. She was at the University of Michigan from 1992-1996 and Cal State Northridge from 1989-1991 as an Assistant Volleyball Coach. Kanim also worked with the USA Volleyball team (Atlanta ’96), and the Under 20 USA Soccer Team (2010). A member of the1984 NCAA national championship, and two Final Four teams (1983, 1985), Kanim received her BA degree from UCLA in 1988. She earned her MA in sports studies from KSU.

As a former NCAA Division I athlete and coach, Kanim brings a unique perspective to Coaching C.L.O.U.T. In the coaching profession for more than 20 years, Kanim has worked with thousands of athletes and coaches. Her study of Human Behavior has a dramatic impact on her ability to motivate, communicate more effectively with, and create an optimal environment for her athletes.

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