In ordinary fashion, JVA insurance is a hot topic this time of the year, especially when club directors learn about the cost savings. Last year, over 300 events were insured with JVA and 230 clubs used the Program Insurance. Based on the amount of questions thus far, we anticipate those numbers to increase immensely. So let’s tackle the fun facts of JVA insurance and help your club save money this year!

#1 How Does Program Insurance Work?

Once JVA Membership is purchased (Club Director $120/year), the club can purchase program insurance for $110/team for indoor and $10/player for beach or grass.

  • This covers the players and coaches every time they step foot in the gym/on the court. If you play in an event…they are covered. If you run a JVA insured camp…they are covered!
  • The insurance year runs from September 1st-September 1st, so any play date in between (including tryouts), you are protected.

If a club is planning to have 10 indoor teams, you will purchase insurance at $110/team = $1,100
This includes all players trying out for that team plus the coaches for duration of the season and any time they are in the gym until September 1st.

Besides applying on the JVA website, the only two forms that need to be completed are for the athletes.

  • The Release of Liability and Medical Release forms need to be completed before the player takes the court.
  • These forms can be stored electronically all under your main SportsEngine account, which you create when applying for insurance, or already have through your own website registration.

A list of all JVA insured programs/clubs can be found under “JVA Program Insurance” on THIS PAGE.

#2 Why Purchase Event Insurance?

Number 1 reason to use JVA event insurance…it allows teams of ANY national affiliation (USAV, AAU and non- affiliated) to play in the event.

Just like Program Insurance, the JVA Club Director membership is needed to purchase event insurance.

  • For an indoor one-day event, it is $12/non JVA insured team
  • For a two/three-day event, it is $18/non JVA insured team.
  • For a beach/grass one-day event, it is $3.50/non JVA insured team,
  • For a beach/grass two/three-day event, it is $5/non JVA insured team.

How do you save money here?
For every team that already has JVA Program Insurance, you can take them OUT of the total for your event numbers when applying for your insurance. Some event directors offer a discounted registration rate for the clubs that use program insurance. Again, the list of program insured teams can be found on the JVA insurance page.

#3 What Does JVA Insurance Cover?

All 3 JVA Insurance options cover:

Section 1
LIABILITY: Carrier – International Insurance Company of Hannover
Occurrence: $1,000,000
Aggregate: $3,000,000
Fire Damage: $100,000
Products/Completed Operations: $1,000,000
Personal/Advertising: $1,000,000
Spectator Medical Expense: $5,000
Physical/Sexual Abuse Option: $50,000/$100,000
Non-Owned Auto Option – EXCLUDED (Can be added for separate premium upon approval)
Sports Equipment Option – EXCLUDED (Can be added for separate premium upon approval)
Policy Term – Limited to Dates of League Play 

Section 2
EXCESS ACCIDENT: Carrier – AXIS Global Accident & Health
Excess Accident Limit: $25,000
AD&D: $2,500
Deductible: $ 250
Dental: $1,500
Policy Term – Limited to Dates of Season
Any administrative fees added have been applied to the rates above.

Hopefully some of your questions regarding JVA insurance are answered, or potentially this has sparked some new ones. But one fact is certain, JVA insurance is designed to save our members a lot of money. Clubs have used the thousands of dollars saved to purchase new equipment, treat their coaches to more gear or pay raises, finance a facility, the possibilities are endless. 

Additional resources for insuring your club are below. And JVA is only a quick phone call or email away. Email Lisa Wielebnicki at with your questions or call the JVA Office at 414-640-1738. Hopefully this helps you sleep a little better tonight knowing you have the option to save with JVA insurance this season.

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About the Author

Lisa Wielebnicki, Director of Member Development, joined the JVA Staff in December 2013. She has a solid volleyball background at all levels. After completing her volleyball career at Purdue University, Wielebnicki served as the Student Assistant Coach followed by three seasons as the Assistant Volleyball Coach at Samford University where her responsibilities included recruiting, aiding in day to day team training, managing community service functions, and coordination of camps. In 2011 she helped guide the program to its first NCAA appearance.