I can tell that the craziness of the early club season has passed and club directors have more time to think about their businesses. I am really happy that Club Directors are turning to us, JVA, for help in that area. It is rewarding to know that we are accomplishing our mission of providing resources for club directors and our members are reaching out to us.

Most often when we get a call or an email we are able to provide a link to the information in our resource library. However, there are times where the question sends us on a search for information. This situation arose on three occasions this last month.

Two Club Directors contacted me in the same week and asked for help in the area of human resources. They were looking at club administration and coaches’ wages. One club is in an area that is very competitive and wants to be able to attract the best coaches. The other club is thinking of adding an administrator and support staff and wanted to know how other clubs compensate their staff.

Our last Club Financial Survey was done in 2012, results from that are located in the JVA Member Educational Resources. Since it has been some time, we were prompted to send out a new survey. All JVA Club Directors received the “Club Financial Survey” last week. If you haven’t responded as of yet, please do. We know a lot has changed in the last four years. The club names will be confidential and your response will provide information for a report that will be valuable to all of us.

Another club wanted to put language into their coaches’ contracts preventing the coach from taking their club database and other intellectual knowledge developed by the club with them if they left for another program. I reached out to our Sport Law Intern, Nicholas, who provided us with language for a Confidentiality Clause to add to the club’s coaches’ contracts. This has been added to our Member Educational Resources. Click here, login and view the document under the HR category.

Last week I received an email from a Club Director wanting information on how clubs deal with families leaving their program with club fees due. I posted the dilemma on Linked In, “How Does Your Club Handle Club Jumpers“. I used “Linked In” thinking for sure it would be hot topic for most Club Directors. Surprisingly, no one commented on the post but I received a number of personal email responses, which I shared on the post.

If you have something that works for you, please share it. We hope that if you have questions, you will continue to look to JVA for the answers and support you need. Every new question provides another resource for all of us.

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About the Author

Jenny Hahn is the Executive Director of the Junior Volleyball Association. Jenny is constantly working with our members to grow and develop junior volleyball in their club and region. Click here to reach out to Jenny about your club.