Scary Myths #1JVA registers athletes as members.

No! JVA is an association of club directors and their staff. There are no junior members of JVA. The athletes belong to your club. One of the resources that we offer is low cost program insurance. It is $101/team. The insurance covers your liability and sport accident insurance for the players, the coaches and anyone who tries out for your team for the full year. This is an option, not a necessity.

Scary Myth #2: You have to be a member of JVA to play in a JVA insured tournament.

No! JVA event insurance is “inclusive”. Any team of any affiliation can participate in a JVA insured tournament without being members of JVA or having the JVA program insurance. The insurance is part of your entry fee. Those clubs that are JVA insured will get a rebate from the Tournament Director. A club does not have to choose JVA or USAV.

Scary Myth #3: A club has to choose JVA or AAU.

No! A club does not have to choose one over the other. Every club needs a voice for their business. So every club needs to be a member of JVA. Your teams need a competition schedule that works for you in your area. If your best option for competition is USAV, then you register your athletes with USAV and play USAV events. If your best option for competition is AAU, then you register your athletes with AAU and play AAU events. If your best option is JVA events, then you can do that. Most clubs dual-sanction to provide more options for their teams.

Scary Myth #4: The AAU National Championships is run by JVA.

No! AAU runs their own championship. We ran our own championships back in 2007, 2008 and 2009. After a long range planning meeting the summer of 2009, in order to help build a true strong national championship, we decided to support the AAU National Girls Championship and host a midyear championship instead. That was the birth of the JVA World Challenge.

Because it hasn’t been scary enough… let’s point out some Scary Facts.

Scary Fact #1 JVA is the only independent voice for junior volleyball clubs and their members.

Yes! Volleyball is the most popular high school girls’ team sport. (as reported by NFHS, 2014-2015). The number of clubs and facility owners grows every year. Our business grows the economy by increasing employment, paying taxes, purchasing goods, providing services, purchasing plane tickets, renting cars, and filling hotel rooms. National and regional governing bodies for the sport of volleyball can talk all they want about grass roots and growing volleyball but it is our businesses that are doing that. We are responsible for the growth of our sport. We are the caretakers for the youth of our sport. We need to be the voice!

Scary Fact #2: Some Regional Volleyball Associations restrict clubs’ choice of what type of events to host.

Yes! Even though Federal anti-trust and restriction of trade regulations prevent such actions, they continue to happen. If you are being told by anyone of any other governing body that you cannot host an event outside of that sanctioning body, they are acting outside of the law. Do not let this happen. Contact us, we will provide legal assistance to help you assert your rights. Don’t be scared – stand up to the big dogs!!

Scary Fact #3: The clubs in our area are too competitive to work together.

That is a scary fact because while we compete for athletes and coaches, we need each other to survive and improve. To keep costs down, a club depends on drive-to competition for the core of their competition schedule. A facility owner needs clubs to participate in their tournaments and, in return, needs to support the events of their peers. The number of new power leagues in different areas across the country is only possible because clubs know they need to support each other to grow. We also need to work together to be a strong voice for our sport.

Scary Fact #4: Even though JVA is the only independent voice for Junior Clubs, only 17% of the clubs in the country belong to JVA.

This is true. We can be much more effective if we represent a larger community – so spread the word! JVA – All Clubs, All Players, Our Sport!!!