For the third consecutive year the JVA will give $200,000 back to our member clubs through the JVA Sponsorship Program. The program is designed to reward JVA member clubs for promoting the JVA brand, supporting the JVA mission, and growing JVA at the regional and national level. The JVA is an organization, but more importantly a family of clubs, committed to improving the junior volleyball experience for our members. 

At our JVA Strategic Planning in the summer of 2014, after a good financial year, we said “let’s do something really great for our members”. $200,000.00 dollars was allocated to fund the JVA Member Sponsor Program. We have heard over and over again how clubs were able to use the funds to add value to their programs or improve their facilities. The resource component has helped to build our resource library. This is a perfect win-win. So why not do it again!” shares JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn.

The JVA values the support of our members, who are a vital part of our success, growing to over 1,000 member clubs, from 900 last year.

“Minnesota Select Volleyball Club has enjoyed a really positive experience as a JVA sponsor club. I have had multiple conversations with respected peer club directors as a result of our visual affiliation with the JVA (on our website, in our emails, within our facility and on our uniforms). These conversations have allowed me to help spread the word about the good work that the JVA is doing to support junior volleyball! This past year, we added four additional courts within our facility. The money we received from the JVA Sponsor Program helped defray the cost of additional equipment needed to properly train on these courts – additional balls and carts, hitting boxes, score tables, and team benches. The financial support of the JVA Sponsor Program was a significant help in this transition.”
~Scott Jackson, MN Select Club Director (MN)

Last year 48 clubs from around the country received a check from the JVA and were given the JVA Sponsor Club title. The clubs completed a few criteria and were able to allocate the sponsorship dollars toward their club operations or renovations. 

“We have been so blessed by the JVA Sponsorship program over the past 2 seasons. As a small club who is always trying to keep down the costs for our players, the $5k has been unbelievably helpful in paying coaches and keeping the lights on. We absolutely LOVE the JVA and it is obvious that they care about their member clubs….even the small ones like Ethos.”
~Troy Helton, Ethos Volleyball Club Director (TN)

All JVA members are encouraged to apply for the JVA Sponsorship Program. Applications for 2017-2018 sponsorship program will be accepted from September 2nd through October 14th for indoor clubs and September 2nd through November 15th for beach clubs. Click here for more information on the JVA Sponsorship Program.

About the Junior Volleyball Association

The Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events. The organization was formed in 2006 with a primary focus of being a voice for junior volleyball club directors and coaches, and to this day is the only organization that is focused entirely on youth and junior volleyball.