Ah, summer is here. The end of the Junior Volleyball Season is around the corner and many JVA teams are preparing for competition at AAU or USAV Nationals. Hear how JVA Club Director Dave Weitl from Washington Volleyball Academy (Seattle, WA) is preparing his teams for the end of the season, and what else is on his plate this month.

In a typical Club Director’s timeline, June is a great time to wrap up your indoor season by doing the following:

  • Survey your families
  • Secure Feedback from your coaches on the past season. Find out who is coming back for the next season. Put out a call for new coaches.
  • Review leases and rental agreements
  • Review coaches’ agreements and contracts
  • Draft budget for next club season

Washington Volleyball Academy is a member of the JVA. To learn more about a JVA membership and how it can benefit you and your club, click here. For more resources and education for JVA Club Director’s click here.