It has been admirable watching volleyball clubs rise to the challenges Covid-19 has presented in 2020. The way many have quickly adapted to a rapidly changing environment has been inspiring. However, some clubs are still reluctant at looking at new ways of ordering uniforms and club branded apparel. So let’s address a few of the benefits.

Recently eCommerce behemoth Amazon hosted its fifth annual Prime Day and it shaped up to be bigger than ever with many people having to resort to online shopping. Not only because it is quick and convenient, but its contactless nature has helped shoppers adhere to health and safety recommendations.

Why should your club’s team store be any different? Here are 3 reasons why 2020 is the year to launch an online team store:

1. An Online Team Store saves you time

An online team store can save you countless hours that could be better spent focusing on more important club matters.

Imagine… no more nights sorting uniforms and distributing to players, coaches and parents only to find out you are missing one jersey and having to start over again!

Then, once everything has been handed out, the phone rings, endlessly. From questions about sizing to how to wash the garments, you may be the sole point of contact for parents. What if you could leverage Customer Service representatives to help field any questions or exchanges that may arise. You would have a great deal of time freed up to all of the other things on your to-do list.

2. An Online Team Store saves you space

When it comes to ordering and housing club branded gear there is a lot that goes into planning. Order too little and you may be expected to pay additional shipping charges for extra products. Order too much and you may have extra boxes cluttering up your office or garage for years to come with little chance of moving it.

When parents and players order online, orders are customized on-demand and delivered direct to their doorsteps, decluttering your space like a powered-up Marie Kondo!

3. Parents and Players expect an Online Team Store

Consumers have become accustomed to shopping online. The ability to shop anywhere, anytime, from a range of devices has become the norm for many. Any other experience may be considered inconvenient. A first-rate uniform and fan wear ordering experience contributes to the perception of your club and can be a factor in how well clubs retain players and acquire new ones.

Having a robust online presence for your club members is easier now than ever.  Take your uniform ordering experience online, and you will be able to free up time, save space, and offer a convenient, safe experience for your families.

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