Volleyball Club Directors are busy people. Really busy people.

There are so many aspects to managing a club that require a Director’s attention. From managing a team of coaches to scheduling practices, the work never ends.

As a result, it can be difficult to stay on top of things like uniforms and equipment, which is why so many orders are placed last minute and can lead to troubling consequences and many headaches!

What if there was a solution to the uniform ordering dilemma that saved you time and gave you the space to focus on more important elements of your club?

The answer: forecasting

Here are 3 reasons forecasting will solve your uniform ordering process:

  1. Reduce turnaround time
    Find out if your uniform provider forecasts your order ahead of time. By communicating early (before August) in regards to potential orders you are in fact reducing the risks associated with ordering in the fall.This allows some uniform distributors to bring products in early and not have to wait to place orders with manufacturers. As a result, when your parents place their orders, your uniforms are there waiting to go which can also drastically reduce turnaround time.
  2. No financial or inventory risk
    Obviously, nobody knows exactly how many players will be recruited later in the year but by providing information on number of players, teams and required products your uniform provider may buffer these to account for program growth and current sizing curves specific to the sport. There is no financial risk as you should not be liable for any unused uniforms which means by forecasting you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
  3. More stress free ordering process
    It’s pretty safe to say that by forecasting your uniform order you are alleviating the stress of uniforms arriving late, and having to communicate the uniform mishaps to the coaches and the parents. Staying ahead and forecasting your order can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Here are two examples of forecasting a uniform order:

Example 1:

  1. Club A provides the 2018 uniform order to its uniform provider. In 2018, the club fielded 12 teams equating to approximately 120 players.
  2. The uniform provider accounted for a growth of 3 teams to a program size of 150 players.
  3. Uniforms for 150 players was then brought in ahead of Club A placing their 2019 order ensuring a headache free process.

Example 2:

  1. Club B provides the 2018 uniform order to its uniform provider. In 2018, the club fielded 30 teams equating to approximately 300 players.
  2. The uniform provider accounted for a growth of 5 teams to a program size of 350 players.
  3. Uniforms for 350 players was then brought in ahead of Club B placing their 2019 order.

For more information on how forecasting can help prevent ordering problems contact the 431 Sports team today at 431@sportsendeavors.com or 1-877-896-6450.

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