An AthLeader’s Journey: Sisy Chen’s Drive to Break Gender Norms and Represent Her Heritage

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During high school, Sisy realized that she wanted to take volleyball more seriously, so she decided to play club with Chicago Elite Volleyball Club. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Sisy's heritage has always played a big role in her life. Coupled with her passion for STEM, Sisy developed a desire to give back to her own community, as well as empower young girls to pursue their interests in STEM and break gender norms. Read Sisy's inspiring journey here.

An AthLeaders Journey: Legacy’s Kennedy Dolmage Realizes Her Passion to Make a Difference

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Like many younger sisters, Kennedy served as her older sister's pepper partner, so it didn't take long for volleyball to become her passion. In the top tier of her class, the 2020 Ultra Ankle JVA AthLeader is driven to not only excel in school, but to make an impact on the lives of others. Here's her journey.

S3 Volleyball Wins JVA Club of the Month

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S3 Volleyball, short for Southern Select Sand Volleyball, was founded in 2014, around the same time that a massive multi-sport venue called LakePoint Sporting Community opened 35 minutes north of Atlanta. In collaboration with RallyVB out of LakePoint, the two parties agreed...