This award recognizes boys athletes from JVA supportive clubs for outstanding achievement on the volleyball court

Nominate Your Athlete(s)

As an organization committed to the growth and development of boys volleyball, we value the commitment and achievement of JVA athletes, and proudly award them with this honor.


Players eligible for nomination are currently competing in age divisions 15U, 16U, 17U or 18U and graduating high school in 2023, 2024, 2025 or 2026. The nomination must be submitted by the Club Director, Club Administrator or Boys Director from a JVA Member Club. The players nominated must be from the top two teams in the age division in the club. Only two players from the second team will be accepted per graduation class.

Nomination Period

February 13th- March 10th, 2023

Selection Process

All players that meet the eligibility requirements will be selected for the JVA Boys Watch List.


The JVA Boys Watch List powered by Fivestar will be announced at the end of March 2023. Awardees will receive and award and gift from Fivestar and the JVA.

2022 JVA Boys Watch List presented by Fivestar

Andrea MaroufSetterWAVE Volleyball ClubDel Mar, CA
Noah WitmerOpposite/RSThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Bryant CochranOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Dylan PooreOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Jack StrabalaOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Michael YurkOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Nolan BosleySetterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Fritz HallMiddle BlockerTriangle Volleyball ClubMorrisville, NC
Owen PrabelOutside HitterTriangle Volleyball ClubMorrisville, NC
Kyle WagnerLibero/DSUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Michael GrecoMiddle BlockerUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Tom LambMiddle BlockerUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Gavin KissaneOutside HitterUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Kellen O’KeefeOutside HitterUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Grant VeldmanOutside HitterUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Andrew TomaszewskiSetterUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Mikey WidmyerLibero/DSUpward StarsSpartanburg, SC
CJ KingstonOutside HitterUpward Stars Volleyball ClubSpartanburg, SC
Conner MckeanSetterUtah Ice VBCPlain City. Utah
Kyan GauMiddle BlockerWAVE Volleyball ClubDel Mar, CA
Mathias DurfeeOutside HitterWAVE Volleyball ClubDel Mar, CA
Pierce FaulconMiddle BlockerRichmond Volleyball ClubHenrico, VA
Kian StevensMiddle BlockerRichmond Volleyball ClubHenrico, VA
Cade KinneOpposite/RSRichmond Volleyball ClubHenrico, VA
Nathaniel MilchanMiddle BlockerSCVCRedondo Beach, CA
Paul WyszynskiLibero/DSSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Andrew FedmasuMiddle BlockerSports PerformanceAurora, IL
AJ RobateauMiddle BlockerSports PerformanceAurora, IL
AJ VuksinicMiddle BlockerSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Matthew MolnarOpposite/RSSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Esteban DavalOutside HitterSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Danny DorseyOutside HitterSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Tyler VollingOutside HitterSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Trevor PowellSetterSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Carter DurivageOutside HitterTeamLVCEast Greenbush, NY
Aidan CalhounSetterTeamLVCEast Greenbush, NY
Riley LeppertLibero/DSThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Quinn LewisLibero/DSThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Connor DavisMiddle BlockerThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Charlie HarrMiddle BlockerThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Daniel ScherrerOpposite/RSThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Christopher KarnezisLibero/DSMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Jesse IjiwolaMiddle BlockerMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Ryan SteponaitisMiddle BlockerMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Max MazurOpposite/RSMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Cooper EvansOutside HitterMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Lucas MackOutside HitterMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Charlie PodgornySetterMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Ethan JenkinsLibero/DSMOVA - Missouri Volleyball AcademySt. Charles, MO
Johnny BlyOutside HitterNiagara FrontierWest Seneca, NY
Connor FinniganLibero/DSNortheast Volleyball ClubWilton, CT
Will VilhauerMiddle BlockerNortheast Volleyball ClubWilton, CT
Luke BradburyOutside HitterNortheast Volleyball ClubWilton, CT
Thad TerakiewiczOutside HitterNortheast Volleyball ClubWilton, CT
Filip KierzkowskiMiddle BlockerPipelineSchaumburg, IL
Aaron SalladeOpposite/RSPipelineSchaumburg, IL
Nate MeyerOutside HitterPipelineSchaumburg, IL
Andrew GalanesSetterPipelineSchaumburg, IL
Connor HaeuserLibero/DSRevolution Volleyball AcademyWaukesha, WI
Adam OberlinOutside HitterRevolution Volleyball AcademyWaukesha, WI
Jacob WisniewskiSetterRevolution Volleyball AcademyWaukesha, WI
Matt SaugstadSetterMilwaukee StingMilwaukee, WI
Carson CainLibero/DSMN Select VBCMaple Grove, MN
Owen DehmMiddle BlockerMN Select VBCMaple Grove, MN
Ben MosserOutside HitterMN Select VBCMaple Grove, MN
Trey SeversonSetterMN Select VBCMaple Grove, MN
Gavin RothMiddle BlockerKokua Volleyball ClubSpokane, WA
Tyse MadsenOutside HitterKokua Volleyball ClubSpokane, WA
Clayton RoarkOpposite/RSLouisville Fury VolleyballLouisville, KY
Brandon GitschierLibero/DSLouisville Fury Volleyball ClubLouisville, KY
Johnathan CliftonOutside HitterLouisville Fury Volleyball ClubLouisville, KY
Ben Ratliff BecherLibero/DSMAVS Boys VolleyballLenexa, KS
William BottcherMiddle BlockerMAVS Boys VolleyballLenexa, KS
Isaac HickmanOpposite/RSMAVS Boys VolleyballLenexa, KS
Elias LaurentOutside HitterMAVS Boys VolleyballLenexa, KS
Kyle MillerOutside HitterMAVS Boys VolleyballLenexa, KS
Ryan VenaMiddle BlockerMB SURF VBCManhattan Beach, CA
Derek BradfordOpposite/RSMB SURF VBCManhattan Beach, CA
Dillon KleinOutside HitterMB SURF VBCManhattan Beach, CA
Owen LoncarOutside HitterMB SURF VBCManhattan Beach, CA
Ryan SpragueSetterMB SURF VBCManhattan Beach, CA
Anthony RamirezOpposite/RSClub 1Plainfield, IL
Ben RosenowOutside HitterClub 1Plainfield, IL
Caden SajnogOpposite/RSCoast Volleyball ClubSan Diego, CA
Dominick EngelsOutside HitterCoast Volleyball ClubSan Diego, CA
Myles HendersonOutside HitterCoast Volleyball ClubSan Diego, CA
Niko WilliamsSetterCoast Volleyball ClubSan Diego, CA
Cameron WurlSetterCoast Volleyball ClubSan Diego, CA
Daniel HurleyOpposite/RSCoastal VirginiaVirginia Beach, VA
Chris PetersOutside HitterCoastal Virginia Volleyball ClubVirginia Beach, VA
Joshua McCuneOutside HitterFlight Academy Volleyball ClubSan Luis Obispo, CA
Luis GarzonOpposite/RSForza 1 WestPasadena, CA
Matthew MejiaOutside HitterForza 1 WestPasadena, CA
Brandon MarinaOutside HitterForza1 VolleyballWinchester, CA
Jared SchnakeSetterForza1 VolleyballWinchester, CA
Zac ClarkLibero/DSHigh Performance STLSt. Louis, MO
Ethan KaneMiddle BlockerHigh Performance STLSt. Louis, MO
Rolen LivelyMiddle BlockerHigh Performance STLSt. Louis, MO
Ethan WaltersOutside HitterHigh Performance STLSt. Louis, MO
Ajani HenleyOutside HitterK2 VolleyballLouisville, TN
Brody RatliffOutside HitterK2 VolleyballLouisville, TN
Christopher HershMiddle BlockerBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Brian ThomasMiddle BlockerBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Moses WagnerOpposite/RSBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Ryan DurossOutside HitterBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Theo SnoeyOutside HitterBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Theoren BroulietteSetterBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Benjamin AndersonLibero/DSCarolina Union Volleyball ClubCharlotte, NC
Hunter BallnerOutside HitterCarolina Union Volleyball ClubCharlotte, NC
Hayden FloOutside HitterCarolina Union Volleyball ClubCharlotte, NC
Mason KennaOutside HitterCarolina Union Volleyball ClubCharlotte, NC
Jay MillerLibero/DSCincinnati AttackCincinnati, OH
Kyle ReesOpposite/RSCincinnati AttackCincinnati, OH
Drew MauneOutside HitterCincinnati AttackCincinnati, OH
Joseph BiancoSetterCincinnati AttackCincinnati, OH
Noah Smith-TrondleSetterCincinnati AttackCincinnati, OH
Alex RosenowLibero/DSClub 1Plainfield, IL
Dylan BurgessMiddle BlockerClub 1Plainfield, IL
Logan CrowtherMiddle BlockerClub 1Plainfield, IL
Michael PettkeMiddle BlockerClub 1Plainfield, IL
Bobby VaughnMiddle BlockerClub 1Plainfield, IL
Jariel GiraudSetter352 Elite Volleyball ClubOrlando, FL
Charlie Johan NegronOutside Hitter353 Elite Volleyball ClubOrlando, FL
Nefthalie VigoSetter357 Elite Volleyball ClubOrlando, FL
Jelani KimotoMiddle BlockerA5 Volleybal ClubRoswell, GA
CALEb RohlwingMiddle BlockerAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Joshua WeyerhaeuserMiddle BlockerAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Piotr WymoczylMiddle BlockerAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Connor DellOpposite/RSAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Jack O'RiordanOutside HitterAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Ryan UemeraOutside HitterAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Erik GiezzckiSetterAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Stefan GjajaSetterAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Ryan McElligottSetterAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Gabe BiggersSetterAspire Volleyball ClubFolsom, CA
Jayden HarrisLibero/DSAtlanta Extreme Volleyball ClubSuwanee, GA
Trey PeeleOpposite/RSAtlanta Extreme Volleyball ClubSuwanee, GA
Xavier JonesOutside HitterAtlanta Extreme Volleyball ClubSuwanee, GA
Adam CrockerSetterAtlanta Extreme Volleyball ClubSuwanee, GA
Sam LevyMiddle BlockerAustin Junior VolleyballAustin, TX
Shaun VattakuzhiyilOutside HitterAustin Junior VolleyballAustin, TX
Thomas RoperOHA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Roberth TenorioOHA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Ethan OlsenOHA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Etienne ChoquartOpp/RSA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Grady BartlettMB/OppA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Alejandro LeonL/DS352Orlando, FL
Kristian SmithSetterTriangle Volleyball ClubMorrisville, NC
Wyatt YagerSetterClub 1Plainfield, IL
Garrett KonopackSetterUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Jason WalmerSetterMB SURF VBCManhattan Beach, CA
Kyle SaurerSetterSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Carsten WeghSetterPipelineSchaumburg, IL
Kristap PriedeSetterNortheast Volleyball ClubWilton, CT
Peter ZurawskiSetter630 VolleyballWoodridge, IL
Taban KahreSetterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Grant EdmondsSetterMAVS Boys VolleyballLenexa, KS
Nate HigginsSetterMilwaukee StingMilwaukee, WI
Luke HeidemannSetterWAVE Volleyball ClubDel Mar, CA
Rob KangSetterRevolution Volleyball AcademyWaukesha, WI
Nathaniel BangitSetterMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Griffin WheatleyOutside HitterCincinnati AttackCincinnati, OH
Richard ZuevskiOutside HitterAtlanta Extreme Volleyball ClubSuwanee, GA
Eli HamesSetterK2 VolleyballLouisville, TN
Andrew CervettiSetterHurricane Volleyball AcademyBrandon, FL
Daniel ChilimidosSetterKokua Volleyball ClubSpokane, WA
Aidan CliftonSetterCarolina Union Volleyball ClubCharlotte, NC
Roberto HenaoSetter352Orlando, FL
Kai RodriguezOutside HitterBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Henry HeepsOutside HitterTeamLVCEast Greenbush, NY
Sonepith Keoviengsamay IIOutside HitterKoda Volleyball ClubMunnsville, NY
Alex OlcottOutside HitterMountain View Volleyball ClubSunnyvale, CA
Jaiden RogersOutside Hitter352Orlando, FL
Braydon Savitski-LyndeOutside HitterVC UnitedLoves Park, IL
Cameron GrayOutside Hitter352 Elite Volleyball ClubOrlando, FL
Christian WalshOpposite/RSRichmond Volleyball ClubHenrico, VA
Henry SmallOpposite/RSHigh Performance STLSt. Louis, MO
Adam BergerOutside HitterMN Select VBCMaple Grove, MN
Peyton FerrellOutside HitterMaine JuniorsSaco, ME
Matt MazurOpposite/RSNiagara FrontierBuffalo, NY
Anthony RizzetelloOpposite/RSUpward StarsSpartanburg, SC
Troy FlemingOpposite/RSCoast Volleyball ClubSan Diego, CA
Jake SchurfranzMiddle BlockerLouisville Fury Volleyball ClubLouisville, KY
Noah IosiaMiddle BlockerForza 1 WestPasadena, CA
Evan HesselLibero/DSAdversity VBCVernon Hills, IL
Jariel GiraudSetter352 Elite Volleyball ClubOrlando, FL
Marlon TenorioSA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Aiden RoperOHA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Brennan MaloneL/OppA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Cade CochranOH/SA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Quinn MarronSetter630 VolleyballWoodridge, IL
Evan DziadkowiecSetterUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Canyon HarrisSetterTriangle Volleyball ClubMorrisville, NC
Gavin HagertySetterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Kyle ZedikerSetterSports PerformanceAurora, IL
Jake MorelySetterWAVE Volleyball ClubDel Mar, CA
Jason SandbergSetterK2 VolleyballLouisville, TN
Tyler ZippaySetterHigh Performance STLSt. Louis, MO
Liam RobertsonSetterRevolution Volleyball AcademyWaukesha, WI
Andrew MayhewSetterAtlanta Extreme Volleyball ClubSuwanee, GA
Anderson PillerSetterNortheast Volleyball ClubWilton, CT
Tred RosenthalSetterMB SURF VBCManhattan Beach, CA
Cameron KostySetterMountain View Volleyball ClubSunnyvale, CA
Kali DuvvuriSetterBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Nathan ChiSetterMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Richie RamirezOutside HitterCoast Volleyball ClubSan Diego, CA
Ayden RuomOutside HitterMill City VolleyballLowell, MA
Jagger TomesOutside HitterLouisville Fury Volleyball ClubLouisville, KY
Miles CzerkiesSetterClub 1Plainfield, IL
Spencer YorkOutside HitterKokua Volleyball ClubSpokane, WA
Nathan TruongOutside HitterForza 1 WestPasadena, CA
Benji AndexlerSetterCarolina Union Volleyball ClubCharlotte, NC
Logan CypertOutside HitterMilwaukee StingMilwaukee, WI
Cole HartkeOutside HitterPipelineSchaumburg, IL
Harrison HausfeldOutside HitterCincinnati AttackCincinnati, OH
Braden PiersonOpposite/RSMN Select VBCMaple Grove, MN
Beau CecilOutside HitterMAVS Boys VolleyballLenexa, KS
Jack DumasOpposite/RSMaine JuniorsSaco, ME
Christian BerlingOutside HitterPremier AcademyMaumee, OH
Vann BohlingOutside HitterAustin Junior VolleyballAustin, TX
Cade WestoverMiddle BlockerTeam MomentumSt. Louis, MO
Antonio MedinaLibero/DS352 Elite Volleyball ClubOrlando, FL
Cooper EngbrechtMBA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Marcellus OwensMBA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Blake GocheeSA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Jesiel MoctezumaDS/LA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Graylon OdyOHA5 MizunoRoswell, GA
Nick WhitleySetterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Luka MomcilovicSetterMilwaukee StingMilwaukee, WI
Samuel LuptonSetterKokua Volleyball ClubSpokane, WA
Connor JohnsonSetterMichigan Elite Volleyball AcademyPontiac, Mi
Stephen HobbsSetterMOD Volleyball ClubNorthbrook, IL
Thomas ThomanSetterHigh Performance STLSt. Louis, MO
Lucas HelleSetterUpward StarsSpartanburg, SC
Alex VenesSetterClub 1Plainfield, IL
Brody SonnenbergSetterPremier AcademyMaumee, OH
Clayton ShonkaSetterMN Select VBCMaple Grove, MN
Ryan WilliamsSetterChicago EliteChicago, IL
Julien PallyOutside HitterBay to Bay Volleyball ClubCampbell, CA
Tommy BransonSetterCoast Volleyball ClubSan Diego, CA
Nathen TothOutside HitterUltimate VBCFrankfort, IL
Miles PankeyOutside HitterMAVS Boys VolleyballLenexa, KS
Safin ZaslanskyOutside HitterWAVE Volleyball ClubDel Mar, CA
Ethan GundrumSetterNKYVCWilder, KY
TQ SetlaOutside HitterMichigan Elite Volleyball AcadmeyPontiac, Mi
Quinton Toney Jr.Outside HitterAustin Junior VolleyballAustin, TX
Enzo TorresOutside Hitter352Orlando, FL
Miguel VetusOutside HitterBeach Cities Volleyball ClubManhattan Beach, CA
Ermuun BatchuluunSetterPipelineSchaumburg, IL
Alexander LinkOutside HitterAtlanta Extreme Volleyball ClubSuwanee, GA
Matthew NackerOpposite/RSRevolution Volleyball AcademyWaukesha, WI
Thatcher FahlbuschOutside HitterMB SURF VBCManhattan Beach, CA
Paxton de TenleyOpposite/RSTriangle Volleyball ClubMorrisville, NC
Aidan AkkawiOutside Hitter630 VolleyballWoodridge, IL
Noah DouphnerOutside HitterLegacy Volleyball ClubValencia, CA
Declan FlanaganOutside HitterWAVE VolleyballDel Mar, CA
Zach JarboeOutside HitterLouisville Fury Volleyball ClubLouisville, KY
Blaine JonesOutside HitterRenaissance Volleyball ClubPittsburgh, PA

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