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The JVA offers Club Directors, Club Coaches and Junior Volleyball Educators a way to connect with all the tools needed to build and maintain a successful junior volleyball club, tournament and program.

Being a JVA member means having a support system for your club. We want to see your club thrive and grow. If your club is experiencing a challenge, that is an invitation to change.

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Club Director Member Benefits

  • FREE Premium Art of Coaching (AOC) Membership

  • Health Insurance for Club Staff through Cigna PPO Network 
  • 75% discount on Club Management Guide

  • A monthly subscription to VolleyBiz and weekly emails focused on the business of running a junior volleyball club and training junior volleyball players.

  • FREE access to JVA webinars

  • Nominate your players, coaches, administration and club for JVA awards

  • Membership to the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and all it’s benefits

  • Low cost club program and tournament insurance

  • Discount on all JVA run events

  • Club volleyball specific industry data collected through extensive surveys and then analyzed and shared with members

  • Calls for JVA members to discuss important topics pertaining to junior volleyball.

  • Listing of all your club tournaments on the JVA website

  • Share in the network of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced junior volleyball club directors in the country!

Organizational Membership Benefits
  • All of the above apply to a JVA Organizational Membership

Club Coach Member Benefits

JVA/AVCA Club Coach: With Organizational Membership Purchase

  • A monthly subscription to VolleyBiz and weekly emails focused on the business of running a junior volleyball club and training junior volleyball players.

  • Access to exclusive coaching education in the JVA member library

  • Nominate your players for JVA awards

  • FREE access to JVA webinars on coaching junior volleyball

  • Club volleyball specific industry data collected through extensive surveys and then analyzed and shared with members

  • Share in the network of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced junior volleyball coaches in the country!

  • Membership to the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and all it’s benefits

  • FREE Premium Art of Coaching (AOC) Membership

JVA Club Coach: Purchased individually, club must be a current member

  • All the above benefits with the exception of AVCA and AOC Memberships
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JVA offers everything you need for your club to be JVA insured, and comply with JVA guidelines for safety.

  • Your step-by-step guide to be a JVA insured club.
  • All adults on JVA insured event rosters will need to clear the JVA Background Screen and take the APS training.
  • Insurance

    The JVA offers low cost insurance to its members.

Coaching Junior Volleyball Tournament
Coaching Junior Volleyball Tournament


“Thank you for the great article on refunds for tournaments—so well written and the truth! You guys do a great job informing members of so many issues!
Thank you for your service!”

Debra DiMatteo, Midwest Juniors Volleyball

“Thank you for all the support, time and energy you are putting in during these strange times. I have appreciated all the communication and resources you have been offering especially since this is uncharted territory and there is so much at stake for us all.”

Cheri Thé, Ignite Volleyball Club - CA

“I think the JVA has done a fantastic job upholding the mission of the organizations.  I’m so impressed with how nimble your team has been in meeting the needs of your clubs.”

Jeff Wismer, Triangle Volleyball Club - Morrisville, NC

“In the short time that we’ve been a member, I’ve received more assistance with running our club and hosting a tournament from the JVA than I have from any other organization in the previous 10 years as a Director. The resources available on the website have been very helpful and the staff always returns emails quickly. I appreciate being involved in a community that shares information and mutually supports each other with same goals.”

Bill Lang, Club Cactus Juniors - Tucson, AZ

“JVA has been great to us and we are so grateful for all the support. We love being with an organization that is well-run and cares about the kids (and us directors). Can’t wait to help this organization grow.”

Troy Helton, Ethos Volleyball Club - Nashville, TN

We joined the JVA to continue in best practice. As a club we are committed to continuing education for our coaches as they train and develop junior level athletes. We love the tips and selections of new drills and daily informative content that the JVA provides to help with our growth and success in these goals. It almost always applies to one or more areas of business or sport. We hope to connect more with other clubs and directors and unify in this sport we all love! We are excited and honored to be a part of the JVA and everything it stands for.

Gini Williams, So Cal Spitfires Co-Director - San Clemente, CA

“Overall, this is the first time I have been to this tournament and I am loving the JVA more and more. They are very well-run tournaments and the people there are extra nice.”

Blake Rawlins, Top Select Recruiting Coordinator - Orlando, FL

“On behalf of Buckeyefire I wanted to thank you very much for a great tournament and a wonderful experience. I found your tournament to be refreshing, well organized, and loved the fun little things you do throughout the day. We will be sure to plan for our entire club to participate in future events such as this. You guys made Cleveland proud and it’s great to have volleyball finally supported with a major event here in Cleveland.”

Grant Roberts, Club Director Buckeyefire Volleyball - Columbus, Ohio

“I just keep having great experience after great experience with you and all other staff I encounter with JVA. You all have a great culture developing clearly, and understand well service and thorough work execution. I want to tell you how much I really appreciate it!!”

Jake Kujak, Elevate VBC, LLC - Sparta, WI

“We have appreciated the sponsorship and partnership with the JVA over the past couple of years. That sponsorship money allowed us to expand our program to include more functional strength training and had a huge impact on reducing our injury count! We appreciate the JVA and all you do for the game of volleyball, and we enjoy partnering with you in the videos, webcasts, and articles.”

John Brannon, Carolina Union Club Director - Charlotte, NC

“High Country Volleyball would love to thank JVA and its leadership for the amazing support and opportunities. The JVA has made possible with its grant and assist the ability for High Country Volleyball to give financial assistance to 25 players who otherwise would not have been able to participate. Thank you so much JVA, we could not have continued our work in the right to PLAY regardless of ability to PAY without you.”

Kim Norman, High Country Volleyball Club Director - Kearns, Utah

“We love how quick you guys get back with us. One of the reasons we kept our tournament with you again this year. We are so thankful we found out about JVA.”

Wendy Holderfield, Club Director NASA Volleyball

“On behalf of Leaside Volleyball Club, we want to thank you for the sponsorship money that went towards the travel expenses for our girls. They were provided with the opportunities to come to US tournaments and be scouted.”

Melvin Lowe, Leaside Volleyball Club Director - Toronto


The Club Director membership is the only membership needed to become a JVA club. The club coach and organizational memberships are optional additions and offer extra benefits. If you have questions about your membership or would like to upgrade, email Member Services:

Club Director Membership

  • Required to be an active JVA Member Club
  • JVA and AVCA member benefits
  • Members can apply for the JVA Sponsor Program and earn money for your club
  • Access to low cost club program and tournament insurance
  • Access to the JVA Member Resource Library that includes all the tools your need to run a junior volleyball club

Club Coach Membership

  • *Club Director membership required. To purchase, you need a sponsor code or to be an active club.
  • JVA benefits & access to Member Resource Library
  • Complete nominations for JVA awards

Organizational Membership

Level 1

  • One Club Director
  • Up to 10 Coaches

Level 2

  • One Club Director
  • Up to 25 Coaches

Level 3

  • One Club Director
  • Up to 59 Coaches

All three levels of the organizational membership include both AVCA and JVA member benefits.


Purchase your JVA membership by clicking the register button below. You will first create a profile, then purchase a membership after logging in.

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Here is a map of junior volleyball programs, JVA and non JVA members, so you can connect with other clubs and programs in your area.

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