Here is your Step-by-Step Guide to run a JVA insured tournament.


Libero Control Sheet – HERE
Line-Up Sheet- HERE
Line-Up Sheet 3 Sets Full Pool – HERE
2 Set Scoresheet with header – HERE
2 Set Scoresheet without header – HERE
Deciding Set Scoresheet without header – HERE

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JVA member clubs can post your events on the JVA Tournament Listing for the corresponding event type: One Day, Multi-Day or Beach Event.

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JVA Logo Policy

The JVA Logo Policy is a usage policy for the “JVA” logo, the “JVA Member Club” logo, and “JVA” text for websites, event marketing, uniforms and any digital or printed items for your club programs or events. If you have any questions please contact us for clarification.

JVA Logo Policy
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If you are hosting a 1 day event and have not used AES in the past, JVA will provide free team registration to use AES Registration/Event Management. If you are hosting multi-day events or have used AES in the past, AES offers the same tournament registration and results management system for only $2.50/per accepted team and results management at $10/per team. In order to help with seeding and ranking of all events, we recommend you use the AES scheduling software for your event. If you are interested in having your event results flow directly into the ranking engine for 1 day events, AES’ scheduling software and solution is discounted for 1 day events, contact AES for more information.


Our Partners

If you are interested in partnering with the JVA, contact Briana Schunzel.