Recognizing and Rewarding the Service of Officials

The JVA Officials Reward Program (ORP) is designed to Recruit, Retain and Reward Officials for working JVA Volleyball Events. Through this program, Officials will be recognized for reaching a certain level of achievement during the junior volleyball season.

This program is open to all certified Officials, from beginner to most experienced. The JVA values your service to junior volleyball.

“As a head referee for many of the JVA Hosted events, your dedication to treating officials well (through competitive pay, food, water, snacks, a kind word, and a smile), has made recruitment easier. Secondly, this Program rewards both the recruit and recruiter with a signing bonus. This benefit also helps to start the mentor/mentee relationship! So, it is a triple win. Players/coaches have officials who want to become better at officiating, mentors are rewarded for their time, expertise, and gregariousness, and JVA Event staff have happy officials working their events!” ~Joseph O’Neal, JVA Head Official

Rewards Program

Officials will earn points for each JVA Hosted (girls and boys) and JVA Challenge Series event they work.

JVA Hosted Events: 100 points
JVA Challenge Series Events: 50 points

The JVA will keep track of the points you earn during the season and will send you your reward as you reach a new tier.
If you would like to know your ORP status, please reach out to us at

Reach Tier 3+ for 2 consecutive years and receive 2 FREE HOTEL NIGHTS for your personal use anywhere in the U.S.
(Restrictions apply.)

Referral Program

Recruit a new official, get rewarded!

1. Recruit must be new to officiating
2. Recruit must have received their Officiating Certification
3. Recruit must work a JVA Hosted or JVA Challenge Series event

Complete this JVA Referral Form and receive your reward!
Recruit – $25 gift card
Recruiter – $50 gift card

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can earn.

Our Partners

If you are interested in partnering with the JVA, contact Briana Schunzel.