The JVA is committed to growing our resources and partnerships for junior volleyball. JVA Committees have an important role in this process


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Education: Coaching

Develop and share coaching education that would be of value to JVA members

  • Travis Fuller, The Academy Volleyball Club (IN)

Education: Business & Technology

Develop and share business and technology education that would be of value to JVA members.

  • John Brannon, Carolina Union (NC) Committee Chair

Education: Boys

Develop and share education specific to boys volleyball athletes, coaches and directors.

  • Derek Jensen, D1 VBC (IL) Committee Chair

Education: Beach

Develop education and guidance in the area of beach volleyball in order to grow the junior beach programs among JVA member clubs.

  • Bryan Jones, S3 Volleyball (GA) Committee Chair

Education: Recruiting

Develop and share recruiting education that would be of value to JVA members and players.

  • Glenna Bianchin, Carolina UVC (NC) Committee Chair


Represent JVA in a region of the country and advise on issues that affect programs in that area. Help grow the organization and bring more benefits to JVA members.

  • Alex Sing, Grand Strand Jrs (SC) Committee Chair


Develop, organize and grow the JVA awards program. Reward the people and clubs who promote the JVA message.

  • Lexi Patton, VA Elite (VA) Committee Chair


Work with the JVA Treasurer and Executive Director on developing the budget and advising on financial matters.

  • Steve Sack, Michigan Elite (MI) Committee Chair

Social Justice Task Force

To foster a community of inclusion and belonging that supports and celebrates our full range of identities in the junior volleyball community.

  • Jordan Armstrong, Jacksonville University

  • Candace Coleman, 360 Sports Academy

  • Jennifer Charles, University of Tennessee

  • Alan Davis, KIVA

  • Michelle Erins, Illini Elite

  • Bernie Headley, 360 Sports Academy

  • Kristina Johnson, Kristina Johnson Wellness

  • Sedric Warren, Palmetto P.R.I.D.E. Sports

  • Rachel Wilson, Brandeis University

Our Partners

If you are interested in partnering with the JVA, contact Briana Schunzel.