December 26, 2017 (Milwaukee, WI) The JVA is pleased to announce that Sherry Fadool and Emily Hawthorne have been elected to the JVA Board of Directors. Both Club Directors will serve a 3 year term. The JVA Board of Directors governs, assures financial stability, develops policy and sets a course for the future, maintaining focus on the mission and guiding principles.

This year’s Election included ten candidates with diverse backgrounds in the sport and a shared commitment to the vision and purpose of JVA. Sherry Fadool is serving her second term, and Emily Hawthorne is serving her first term on the Board.

Myself and our JVA staff work closely with our Board of Directors in furthering the mission of JVA” shares JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn. “The group of people that stepped forward to serve on our board was impressive. This slate of candidates was incredibly deep in experience and knowledge in our industry. Sherry Fadool has been a go-to board member for the past three years and we are very happy to have her back. We look forward to new ideas and a fresh perspective from a new board member, Emily Hawthorne.

Sherry is the President and Executive Director of Triangle VBC, and also serves as the Chairperson of the AVCA Club Awards Selections committee. At Triangle, Sherry oversees a six member administrative team and 90 coaches. There are over 300 boys and girls involved in the club, which hosts two convention center events and many smaller events at its 7-court dedicated volleyball facility. Since her first term began Sherry has been a consistent contributor to JVA education and resources for members. In December 2016, she was awarded with the JVA Above and Beyond Award for her positive contributions to the mission of the JVA.

I’ve been involved in club volleyball for 12 years and have experience in nearly every facet of the business”, adds Fadool.I think my primary areas of expertise are organizational development, club operations, facility operations, program development, athlete health and wellness, and event management and this experience would be valuable to share via the JVA educational resources and to help provide a broad perspective to the board as they look to expand their reach and bring a comprehensive slate of service to their membership.

Hawthorne is currently the Executive Director of The Academy Volleyball Club in Indianapolis. The club runs programs at three locations in Indiana, with 80+ girls teams, 7 boys teams, and a number of youth programs. Hawthorne was the founder the Jr Eagles Volleyball Club, and has experience coaching at the youth, juniors, and high school level for the past 19 years. She has two decades of experience in starting and growing youth and club programs, and is passionate about marketing and promoting grassroots efforts to grow the game.

I would love to have the opportunity to help others start or grow their own programs throughout the country” shares Hawthorne. I think it is important for us to remember that we are in the business of kids… kids that are watching us and consider us role models. Because of this, I bring integrity, professionalism and hard work into everything I do.”

About the JVA Board of Directors

The members of the JVA Board of Directors serve a 3 year term. The JVA Board of Directors governs, assures financial stability, develops policy and sets a course for the future, maintaining focus on the mission and guiding principles.

As JVA grows and expands its reach through membership, education, events, and advocacy we look to shape a board with a broad base of leadership capabilities and one which represents our JVA member base. The overall growth of youth and junior club volleyball continues to be exciting and brings many new opportunities and challenges to our membership primarily comprised of club directors and coaches. JVA staff with the support and guidance of the JVA Board of Directors is committed to serving as a vital resource to support that growth.

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