By John Sample, Club Director, Texas Advantage Volleyball

Texas Advantage Volleyball (TAV) is celebrating 30 years of volleyball this year in our new headquarters building. Three years ago we embarked on a mission to build a new building for our volleyball club. We designed, planned and executed a facility designed to support our growth into the future. Fortunately for us, at the last minute, a facility became available that was very close to our required design that had 12 wood floor volleyball courts, a 20,000 square foot performance training area, locker rooms, snack bar, mezzanine viewing area, conference and meeting facilities as well as office area.

We elected to move to the existing building because of existing non volleyball activity that was already in place and would move our marketing program ahead by almost 2 years. Since we were still in our existing building until December 1, 2014 we took over operation of the facility early 2014 and began adapting the building to our needs while learning the other non volleyball requirements. We moved our whole corporate operation into the new facility on August 1, 2014 with enlarged men’s and women’s restrooms, refinished courts, more performance and weight equipment and 3 additional volleyball courts that are top of the line Sport Court.

We now house an indoor soccer program “Futsal” (which is one of the top Futsal programs in the country), Charter school and Home School programs, a full time Health and Fitness center complete with a Chiropractor, Professional Trainers, Yoga Classes, Spin classes, and Basketball practices. The Futsal program is a 24/7 52 weeks a year program and we are now booked for 46 weekends a year hosting Volleyball Tournaments, Futsal Tournaments, Basketball Tournaments, High School Tournaments, Professional Events and Special Events. Our TAV athletes now have a state of the art facility to manage wellness training, dietary scheduling, workout programs, off season programs as well as practice and play opportunities.

Our goal has always been the success and growth of each of our athletes and now we have the opportunity to see where we can achieve even more positive results using every resource at our disposal. Our coaching staff is one of the best in the country, we have employed some of the best fitness and training professionals we can find and are providing injury prevention screening to assist the trainers in their work with our athletes.

In addition to our headquarters we have club locations in Aledo, Texas; Duncanville, Texas; and Amarillo, Texas. We are determined to continually improve and work hard to make the youth volleyball experience a great one for coaches, athletes and parents.

TAV is a member of the Junior Volleyball Association, and has been for many years. The Junior Volleyball Association is a non-profit organization of junior volleyball clubs around the country. The JVA’s mission is to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball for all junior clubs through program and resource development, education and events. For more information about the JVA click here.