We have over 100 member clubs in the areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. In addition to our members and their families, there are numerous schools and colleges whose volleyball programs have been affected. They may have lost access to their training facilities or worse, lost their gym all together. They may have lost all their equipment, uniforms, etc. Their athletes may not even have shoes, knee pads etc. Our hearts go out to them. We want to help, but how?

JVA has set up the “Rally Against Harvey and Irma” fund to help the people affected by the flooding and hurricanes, and to help our members get back on their feet. We will make sure every penny donated goes to a good and worthy cause. 50% of the funds collected each week will be directed to immediate aid groups such as Salvation Army, Red Cross, local food pantries; 50% will be allocated to member clubs to help repair and replace damaged equipment and facilities. This will not be a short-term project. It will take months and even years for many people to rebuild.

We are challenging our JVA community to help make a difference. If you can donate $10-$100 or more now, out of your pocket, that is great. But don’t stop there. Reach out to your personal volleyball community to help out and make a bigger impact.

  • Share the JVA Rally with your club members
  • Put out a donation jar in your facility, at your tryouts, at your events
  • Run a 50-50 raffle at tryouts or tournaments
  • Run a club-wide rummage sale
  • Host a spaghetti dinner

The list of ideas is endless, be creative. This is a great community service project for your club.

JVA is starting the fund with a donation of $5,000. RallyMe is waiving their 5% share. PrepVolleyball is providing free ads and donating a portion of their September subscriptions. Let’s show the world what we are a caring community and support our members in need.

Click here to make a donation