Jumping in the sand is difficult enough, adding a volleyball to attack over the net makes the feat a very challenging one for beginner beach players. Wisconsin Juniors shares a three part progression to train their Beach VolleyKids how to jump and attack the ball.

Wisconsin Juniors Beach runs a 6 week VolleyKids program for 2nd through 5th grade boys and girls June 27th through August 3rd.  There are two sessions each week for one hour. The program is designed to introduce the skills and concepts used in beach volleyball with an emphasis on training and creating a fun positive sand experience for everyone.

Through a 3 part progression Wisconsin Juniors trains the players to use a two step approach to attack the ball with a jump.

  1. Footwork: feet in the rings
  2. Arms back
  3. Jump with the arm back ready to attack.
Two different colored rings are designated for the last two steps of the approach. The rings are used often in the beginning, not only for this drill, but also for multiple drills as target locations for passing and hitting, starting locations for players, release locations for where players are supposed to go to, ect.
About the Author
Evan Berg and Becky Muff are the Directors of Wisconsin Juniors Beach (Pleasant Prairie, WI), which is in its 5th season. Evan is a Kenosha County native with NCAA D1 playing experience and NCAA D1 college coaching experience. He has been with Wisconsin Juniors for 10 years. Becky is youth and development program director for the Wi Jrs and also has many years of beach coaching experience.