Through daily phone conversations and page long emails with Club Directors, we hear of their frustrations, fears, and limitations. We often times serve as a sounding board and an ally in their struggle to survive in a competitive market. As business owners, club directors have specific rights. Many times these rights are unknown to them and ignored by others, so we drafted the “Junior Club Bill of Rights” to spread awareness and empower the junior club leaders.

Junior Club Bill of Rights

#1 The right to have an independent association for junior volleyball clubs

It is critical to the growth and success of the junior volleyball industry to have an association that solely focuses on this industry and represents the owners, directors, coaches and athletes.

#2 The right to have a voice in local and national associations

Junior Volleyball Club Directors, Coaches and Administrators, as experts in club volleyball programs, have the right to organize, meet and make recommendations to their local and national associations on program and policy that effect their business and their members. 

#3 The right to advocate for a club’s athletes and coaches

As business owners, club directors have the right to speak up and voice concerns on behalf of their volleyball club, facility and/or business.  This includes, but is not limited to advocacy through newsletters, articles, message boards, social media, mailings, in person interactions, phone calls, and email.

#4 The unrestricted right to host tournaments 

Any individual or group of individuals have the right to host a scrimmage, tournament, showcase, camp, clinic or series of any events mentioned, and to sanction and insure the event however the individual(s) please, as long as it is done using best practices, with the athletes’ safety enforced first and foremost. The junior volleyball industry is an open, competitive market where any entity or organization has the right to provide playing opportunities best suited for prospective athletes/customers.

#5 The right to choose a tournament schedule that works best for each team

As business owners, club directors have the right to compete in any and all tournaments that are in the best interest of its’ club programs and athletes.  It is not uncommon or unjust for clubs to be members of different organizations in order to maximize the number of tournaments that the club will have access to.

#6  The right to make business decisions that are in the best interest of the club owners and members

As business owners, club directors have the right to make decisions that will allow its’ business to be financially stable and successful, given the fact that the club is a source of income for the owner and the employees. A club director also has the right to make business decisions that will provide a better experience for the members, with the members’ financial interests and quality experience in mind.

#7  The right as a tournament director to hire certified Officials for a hosted tournament

Officials are independent contractors and are free to decide which events and which dates they will work. If an entity begins to control when and where an official can work, said entity is liable for financial penalties due to misclassification and payment of payroll taxes, and is required to provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance for those officials.

We would love to hear from you if you feel there are other rights that should be included in our Junior Club Bill of Rights. We encourage the JVA community to voice your ideas and feedback with us. Reach out today and email We want to hear from you.

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