There is a growing demand for junior volleyball events that raise the bar, and offer a quality product for the participating clubs, coaches, athletes and parents. For the past several years, the JVA has been strategic in deciding where and when to host events. After all, the JVA is not an event organization. However, in our mission to grow and develop junior volleyball, one catalyst is events.

The Junior Volleyball Association was created from clubs primarily in the midwest but it is important to also focus on the members outside of the midwest. 20% of the JVA membership is comprised of clubs in the southern regions of the country, and it’s time for us to bring our national association to them.

With over 100 JVA member clubs in and around Texas, JVA Director of Events Steve Bailey has received numerous requests to host an event that could draw teams from the west coast, south and south central regions. The JVA Southern Sprawl will take place March 28-29, 2020 in Houston, Texas.

We’re extremely excited for the opportunity to return to Houston for the JVA Southern Sprawl” shares Bailey. “We recognize there is a huge need/want for the JVA presence in the South and Houston allows for clubs and teams from all over the Southern parts of the country to access the city very easily.”

When looking at a new event city the JVA is very mindful of the member clubs within that area. As the sport continues to evolve the same goes for volleyball clubs in certain areas. More and more clubs are running events as a source of additional revenue, which means we have to scrub the calendar to find the best time where there isn’t an overlap with any other current events. “This is why we decided upon our March dates” adds Bailey.

Many of the top clubs in Houston and Dallas (Houston Jrs, Houston Skyline and TAV) have expressed interest in the event. 

The JVA Southern Sprawl will replace JVA Buckeye Battle which has been in Cincinnati the last three years.

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About the Author

Steve became the JVA Director of Events in September 2017. Steve is no stranger to junior volleyball, having been around the sport for 17 years.  He has many years of experience in club operations as former full time Associate Club Director for Michigan Volleyball Academy the past two seasons. In addition, he has collegiate women’s coaching experience at Grand Valley State and Kent State University. A Chicago native, Steve spent five seasons coaching at Club Fusion in Marengo, IL.