We would like to share a clear picture of who we are, what we are and why we are. We give credit to our member clubs who are truly the driving force behind the JVA. Here’s a look at the faces of the JVA and why our organization is important for the growth of our sport.

Who is JVA?

1,110 clubs and an estimate of over 260,000 club volleyball players, coaches, club directors and administrators under the JVA umbrella.

55% of JVA clubs are members of USA Volleyball

49% of JVA clubs are members of AAU

The JVA is comprised of a staff of 7, along with a Board of Directors and Committee Members.

JVA members are the driving force behind our leadership and direction. As the ONLY national association that is 100% focused on junior volleyball, the JVA’s number one goal is for our member clubs to be successful, resulting in a positive experience for participants and the growth of our sport.

What does the average JVA club look like? 

20 teams
60 employees (this includes full time, part time, and volunteer coaches, club administrators, and program instructors)
Programs Run by Our Member Clubs:  Boys 34.3%, Girls 98.3%, Beach 42.4%, Youth/Mini (7-11 yrs) 61.4%, Volley Tots (3-7 yrs) 33.5%, In-House Leagues 37.3%, Camps and Clinics 73.7%

Every junior club is welcome in JVA. JVA does not discriminate based on affiliation. Everything we do at JVA is with the interest of our members at the forefront.

What’s Your Why?

Clubs join the JVA for different reasons. Some clubs join just to get a discounted tournament entry fee. But we are very proud that our retention rate is over 80%. There are clubs that have joined because they have experienced road blocks in the way of their growth, and we offer solutions to those road blocks. JVA offers choices if the current choice is not working. We are constantly listening to our members, identifying their needs and looking for solutions, because our members’ priorities are our priorities.

Yes, JVA is a “disrupter”. Our leadership and our staff welcome that role. We want our member clubs to be as successful as possible. The competition to be the best club is growing our sport. That is good for volleyball. That is good for USAV. It is good for AAU and it is good for JVA.

Juniors working for juniors, for the clubs and with the clubs. That is our why. What’s yours’?

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About the Author

Jenny has served as the JVA Executive Director since 2010. She co-founded Milwaukee Sting VBC in 1989 serving as director, head coach and board member through today. She served as Operations Director and then Executive Director of Badger Region Volleyball Association from 1998-2010. Jenny is passionate about junior volleyball and sees the JVA as a vehicle to improve the junior club experience for club directors, coaches and the club member families.