The ‘crazy’ time of college volleyball is quickly coming upon us. It is not the playoffs and it is not the rapidly approaching recruiting season; it is the time frame from now until early February.

Why ‘crazy’? Because this is the time of the year, when three significant changes occur which all impact recruiting – 1) Coach gets fired or takes another job, 2) Players decide they want to transfer (for a variety of reasons), 3) Players get cut from the program. Each of the three examples tend to create more scholarship/roster opportunities and affect a player’s recruiting process.

Some important take aways:

  • This reinforces that players/families must be focused on the school more than the coach.
  • Don’t assume the new coach knows anything about you. If you want to be recruited by the new coach, make sure you send them your profile and contact information.
  • Any verbal offer you may have received (scholarship or walk on) was specific to that coach, and the new coach is not bound by that offer.
  • Should your verbal offer not be honored, you should be prepared to immediately re-enter the recruiting process.
  • Remember, new coach means new opportunity for players who may have not been recruited by that school.

If you are a current collegiate player, please understand that there is a process specific to transferring schools (either because you want to leave or were not allowed to continue). This process is best explained to you by the Athletic Department’s administrator who has this responsibility. If you are in a position to need or wish to transfer, make sure you are educated about what the correct steps are, as to best manage this challenging situation.

The quiet time after the collegiate season is no longer quiet. Families need to understand that the recruiting process must be constantly managed. There will be unforeseen changes, which can be disappointing or create a great opportunity. You may not be able to control these changes, but you can control your reaction to these changes.

About the Author
Matt Sonnichsen is the Director of Volleyball Relations for NCSA, the Recruiting Partner of the JVA. For more information about NCSA click here.