The JVA is pleased to announce the selections for the 2018 Ultra Ankle® JVA All-National Team. The award recognizes the top female indoor volleyball players competing for a JVA member club in the 15s-18s divisions. This year the JVA Awards committee has selected 78 athletes for outstanding achievement in their position this season. In order to be eligible for this honor, the players needed to be nominated for the 2018 Ultra Ankle® JVA Watch List announced in March.

We are happy and proud to announce this year’s JVA Ultra Ankle All-National Team” says JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn. “These young women represent all of the athletes who dedicate their time and talents to our sport and compete under the JVA banner. We’ve had the pleasure of watching these players and their teams compete this season, and it’s been fun to see them excel against the top competition in the country.

The JVA would like to congratulate the honorees, and thank the coaches and JVA Club Directors for dedicating your time and passion to our sport, as well as the mission of the JVA.

Class of 2018

Rachel Ahrens – Outside Hitter. A4 Volley (CA)
Karson Bacon- Middle Blocker. Tstreet VBC (CA)
Emmy Barnhorst – Middle Blocker. Sports Performance 18 Elite (IL)
Diana Brown – Setter. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Allyson Cathey – Outside Hitter.  Lexington United (KY)
Devon Chang – Setter. A4 Volley (CA)
Katie Clark – Outside Hitter. TAV (TX)
Destiny Cox – Outside Hitter. Triangle VBC (NC)
Lily Felts – Outside Hitter. K2 Volleyball Club (TN)
Riley Fischer – Libero/Defensive Specialist. A5 Mizuno (GA)
Kaitlyn Hord – Middle Blocker. Lexington United (KY)
Corinne Jemison – Middle Blocker. FaR Out VBC (MI)
Paige Jones – Outside Hitter. Elite Volleyball Training Center (OH)
Maria Mallon – Outside Hitter. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI)
Megan Miller – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Munciana Samurai (IN)
Jonni Parker – Setter. Munciana Samurai (IN)
Tatum Shipes – Outside Hitter. A5 Mizuno (GA)
Elena Shklyar – Setter. Virginia Elite (VA)
Camryn Tastad – Libero/Defensive Specialist. WAVE VBC (CA)
Kari Zumach – Opposite/Right Side. MN Select (MN)

Class of 2019

Izzy Ashburn – Setter. MN Select (MN)
Amber Beals – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Maddy Chinn – Outside Hitter. Michigan Elite (MI)
Lauren Clark – Outside Hitter. MN Select (MN)
Lauren DeLo – Setter. Upward Stars (SC)
Logan Eggleston – Outside Hitter. Alliance VBC (TN)
Kacie Evans – Outside Hitter. Academy Volleyball Cleveland (OH)
Gabby Gonzales- Outside Hitter. A5 (GA)
Kayleigh Hames – Outside Hitter. K2 Volleyball Club (TN)
Madison Horin – Middle Blocker. 1st Alliance (IL)
Morgan Lewis – Opposite/Right Side. WAVE Volleyball (CA)
Anna MacDonald – Libero/Defensive Specialist. A5 Mizuno (GA)
Mattison Mathews – Middle Blocker. Upward Stars (SC)
Kylie Murr – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Munciana (IN)
Camille Nazor – Setter. Asics KIVA (KY)
Machaela Podraza – Setter. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Cera Powell – Outside Hitter. Triangle Volleyball Club (NC)
Jessica Robinson – Middle Blocker. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI)
McKenna Slavik – Setter. Sports Performance (IL)
McKenna Vicini – Middle Blocker. Lexington United (KY)
Riley Wagoner – Outside Hitter. Mintonette Sports (OH)

Class of 2020

Lexie Almodovar – Outside Hitter. Munciana (IN)
Maddy Bilinovic – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Academy Volleyball Cleveland (OH)
Madyson Chitty – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Celia Cullen – Setter. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI)
Anna DeBeer – Outside Hitter. Asics KIVA (KY)
Leilani Dodson – Middle Blocker. 1st Alliance (IL)
Olivia Franke, Middle Blocker. Virginia Elite (VA)
MJ Hammill – Setter. Munciana Ninjas (IN)
Scottee Johnson – Setter. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Taylor Landfair – Outside Hitter. Sports Performance (IL)
Emily Londot – Middle Blocker. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Cate Long – Outside Hitter. Mizuno Sports Performance (IL)
Francesca McBride – Opposite/Right Side. Michigan Elite VBA (MI)
Maddie Meyers – Opposite/Right Side. Sports Performance (IL)
Hattie Monson – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Mizuno Sports Performance (IL)
Lia Moore – Opposite/Right Side. Chicago Elite (IL)
Jessie Mruzik – Outside Hitter. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI)
Kendall Murray – Middle Blocker. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI)
Rylee Rader – Middle Blocker. Asics KIVA (KY)
Melani Shaffmaster – Setter. Munciana (IN)
Taylor Trammell – Middle Blocker. Lexington United (KY)

Class of 2021 

Gigi Barr – Middle Blocker. 1st Alliance (IL)
Eleanor Beavin – Libero/Defensive Specialist. PNK (KY)
Julia Bishop – Setter. Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy (MI)
Jacque Boney – Middle Blocker. A5 Mizuno (GA)
Brooklyn Borum – Outside Hitter. Sports Performance (IL)
London Davis – Outside Hitter. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Emery Dupes – Libero/Defensive Specialist. A5 Mizuno (GA)
Kalissa Greene – Setter. A5 Mizuno (GA)
Madi Malone – Outside Hitter. 1st Alliance (IL)
Brooke Mosher – Setter. Milwaukee Sting WI)
Rachel Muisenga – Setter. 1st Alliance (IL)
Alexis Rodriguez – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Sports Performance (IL)
Mabrey Shaffmaster – Outside Hitter. Munciana (IN)
Jessica Smith – Outside Hitter. Tstreet (CA)
Sydney Taylor – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Mintonette Sports (OH)
Jenny Wessling – Libero/Defensive Specialist. Asics KIVA (KY)

The JVA All-National Team honorees will be honored and presented with an award at the JVA Awards Presentation on June 23rd at 2:30PM during the AAU National Championships in Orlando, Florida. Click HERE to view the location and submit an RSVP.

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