3 Benefits of the Club vs. Club Format and Why It Is Essential for Junior Beach Volleyball

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Similar to indoor, collegiate beach volleyball is a team game, and it is the fastest growing NCAA sport over the last five years in Division I. And the juniors are following suit. Now it's time for junior beach events to mirror the college game. Here are three benefits of the Club vs Club format and why it is essential for the continued development of junior and collegiate beach volleyball.

A5 Trains and Competes in Japan: Key Takeaways for Coaches and Directors

2018-12-28T03:13:14+00:00December 28th, 2018|Categories: Blog, Club Director, Culture, Members, Travel|

Over Thanksgiving of this year, A5 was fortunate to travel to Japan with a select group of 16 athletes from three different age groups. The trip to Japan marked the club's 9th international outing, and from a volleyball perspective, was in many ways the most impactful trip to date. Club Director Bob Westbrook shares the important takeaways from a coach's and club director's perspective.

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