COVID-19 Club Resources

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Education & Resources to guide your club and staff during COVID-19.

Club Resources

Below are resources the JVA has compiled to help guide your club and your staff through these difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you have any questions or requests for specific information, please email us at

Virtual Safety

Procedures to follow while utilizing virtual training:

  1. All parents/guardians must be informed and approve of the virtual training, meeting or coaching session via waiver or email confirmation.
  2. Virtual trainings must be “observable and interruptible”, able to be ended at any time and have at least 2 adults (coach and 1 other) on each session.
  3. Parents and guardians must be provided the code or link to join all virtual sessions.
  4. If a minor athlete sends a video to a coach for feedback or additional coaching, the reply must include the parent, guardian or other applicable adult.

JVA Insurance

JVA Program Insurance Covers Virtual Training

Many clubs have implemented virtual training with their teams during the shutdown due to COVID-19. We would like JVA clubs with program insurance to know that their club and teams will be able to utilize “virtual” training as part of the JVA Insurance program. The coverage remains the same.


  1. Live stream virtual classes so participants can been engaged with the instructor
  2. Only offer instruction in the classes or sports activities listed on your application
  3. Make sure every parent or legal guardian has signed a waiver (Release of liability and medical release waiver forms)
  4. Instruct participants to clear the area used for instruction of any hazardous objects or obstacles before starting the virtual class

If you have questions about insurance contact Lisa Wielebnicki at

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JVA Return to Play

Our goal is to offer safety recommendations for Tournament Directors while following CDC guidelines to make sure JVA is a part of the solution. The extraordinary measures Tournament Directors are taking will ensure every participant the most successful experience possible. The safety of each and every participant, coach, official and staff member is our guiding purpose. By proactively taking these outlined steps Tournament Directors can ensure all programs are in a safe environment to play.

JVA Return to Play Recommendations

Club Director Resources

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