Maintaining a positive and competitive culture is critical to a club’s success and longevity. The challenge lies in the ability to identify, train and retain the coaching staff essential to teaching the physical, mental and emotional skills for each age group.  The JVA is excited to release the JVA Club Training Curriculum to serve as a resource for junior volleyball clubs to utilize in order to offer benchmarks and coaching cues for training girls and boys ages 12U-18U.

“The curriculum is our GPS to learning. In the gym, you are either coaching or allowing it to happen. We want purpose driven teaching,” shares Mike Lingenfelter, Co-Director of Munciana Volleyball Club and JVA Board President.

Munciana’s elite coaches, along with KIVA’s elite coaches and a core group of advisors, guided the creation of The Curriculum. These clubs are known historically for their success on the court, their ability to produce elite athletes, and having an experienced, consistent coaching staff retention year after year.

The JVA Club Training Curriculum:

  1. Creates a system of checks and balances for directors to evaluate their coaches at each age division to determine if they are teaching the essential concepts and skills for athletes to be prepared for the next age division.
  2. Acts as a guide for coaches to reference to train the skills and concepts for their age division.
  3. Provides a consistent and cohesive map to progress each age group forward.

“I could not be more thankful to the JVA for their effort in collecting various thoughts and opinions on training at different age groups,” says KIVA Associate Director and JVA Board Member Anne Kordes. “This curriculum has been invaluable for our club as it provides a consistent road map for our coaches to follow as well as a tool to evaluate our progress. Some years we may be ahead of the curve with certain teams and other times we need to slow down; but this helps our coaches and players to stay on the same page.”

View the JVA Club Training Curriculum here.

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