From the JVA Office: Keep the GREAT Coaches Coaching

2019-02-19T19:21:27+00:00February 19th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Club Director, Culture, Parents|

GREAT coaches are leaving the coaching world. Not because they're ready to retire after a long, polished career. GREAT coaches are quitting. GREAT coaches are being pushed out. GREAT coaches are realizing it's unfortunately not all about the athletes. Let's dive into four ways to keep the GREAT coaches coaching, along with some advice for coaches who are facing a challenge.

How to Create Better Sports Parents

2020-01-21T16:28:41+00:00January 29th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Club Director, Fitness/Mental Training, Parents|

Parents can set the precedent for the athlete's mental toughness. How parents behave and communicate before an event, during an event and after an event is the precedent that is set. It's important for a club director and coach to foster a learning environment for the parents so they can develop positive sports parenting habits. Here's a good place to start.

From the JVA Office: The Impact of the D1 Recruiting Legislation Changes

2019-01-15T15:33:49+00:00January 15th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Club Director, Coaching, Parents, Players, Recruiting|

With new recruiting legislation comes a host of adjustments for both the student-athletes, the clubs and the college coaches; and this isn’t a static thing. The challenge is to figure out how it affects the athletes' recruiting timelines and how coaches can put young athletes in a position to be successful and empowered given the current rules. Here is information on the most recent changes to NCAA Division I recruiting legislation as of August 2018, and the proposed changes that, if approved, could take effect in 2019, and some points of emphasis to communicate with the student-athletes in your club who are pursuing the opportunity to play at the collegiate level.

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