5 Benefits of Yoga for Volleyball Athletes

Yoga designed for volleyball athletes is not “athletic” or “powerful” yoga – it is a method of recovery used to balance out the physical demands, repetitive actions, and mental stress of the gym/court/field. When practiced correctly, yoga can play a vital role in the development of an athlete, progressing their performance both physically and mentally.

Although there are so many benefits athletes can gain from yoga, here are the top five!

1. Decrease Stress

The mental benefits of yoga puts it a step above all other training. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system will decrease stress, reduce fatigue, and keep the mind sharp.

2. Increase Flexibility

Yoga will increase dynamic joint range of motion (more load to explode). This translates to greater range of motion in the shoulders and hips, which will make a volleyball or baseball swing more powerful.

3. Improve Balance

Stability and balance equates to enhanced movement control, contributing to better technique and form for sport-specific movements.

4. Increase Oxygen Efficiency

Breathwork allows an athlete to last longer during high pressure situations, recover quickly on the court/field, and improve overall performance.

5. Decrease Chance of Injury

Yoga helps to relieve joint stress, improve body awareness, and correct and prevent muscle imbalances – keeping the athlete healthy and playing their sport longer.

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