Established in 1999, Club Fusion sprung into the club volleyball world when Bill Milborn held a tryout at Huntley High School and marched into Fusion’s first season with less than 10 teams. 25 years later, the club boasts a long list of incredible achievements, notable alumni, and the experience of training the thousands of individuals who’ve been a part of the Club Fusion’s success. Fusion has graduated over 600 athletes on to the next level, and as they celebrate their Silver Anniversary, they have former athletes returning with their kids to play!

The group of 10 individuals that run all operations for Club Fusion are like one big family. Owner, Bill Milborn, has carefully constructed a team over the last 25 years that is responsible for Fusion’s success today, From the Senior Staff with a combined 100 years of club volleyball experience to the Middle Management group that continues to foster Fusion’s growth, each member has an invaluable impact on the club. With 13x National Championships, experiences that cover many lifetimes, and a vision to make Fusion one of the best clubs to play for, the staff at Club Fusion are so proud of their craft, and so grateful for the jobs they get to do.

Club Fusion’s Staff includes:

Dave Soller – Senior Director, Operations Manager, and Senior Lead Trainer – the man that makes Fusion better every day!
Mike Bui – Senior Director and Region Manager – the person that motivates Fusion to be the best, and ensures us it is possible!
Meghan Ulmer – Director of Marketing & Social Media, Youth Programs Coordinator – The one behind the camera that shares every big and small moment, and strives daily to achieve the best possible experience for the Fusion Family.
Jennie Kull – Senior Director & Club Liaison – the Knight in shining armor, the woman who gives meaning to women empowerment and leadership!Lynnette Summins – Fusion Recruiting Director & Lead Trainer – the one who makes all of Fusion’s athlete’s dreams a reality!
George Campos – Director of Beach, Lesson Coordinator, & Lead Trainer – the glue that holds Fusion together, and the presence that ensures all of Fusion’s success!
Sydnei Avery – Operations and Marketing Assistant – the newest, most valuable addition that will surely launch Fusion towards a new era of success!
Tony Larocca – Director of Operations and Event Registrar – A leader through experience, and provider of Jolly Ranchers, his presence is unmatched within the volleyball world!
Devan Hazelhurst – FVA Director and Youth Programs Coordinator – The person who shapes the beginning of every young individual’s volleyball career, Devan gives back to the community more than anyone, and ensures the happiest experiences for the kids!
Kari Batka – Mental Health Coach – the woman that is helping to shape everyone into better individuals, and whose work will change the lives of youth athletes within Fusion’s club!
Bill Milborn – Club Fusion Owner – The man behind it all, believing in everyone as individuals, motivating the staff, and giving them the opportunity of a lifetime!

New this season, Club Fusion has a Mental Health Coach and a Player/Parent Liaison and Coach Mentor. The Mental Health Coach, Kari Batka, has stepped in to help assist athletes, coaches, and parents in various ways as they navigate the new age of youth sports, and how to best serve the Club Fusion community. Kari joins us as a mental health professional and coach, and is available for Fusion athletes and parents to connect with during the competition season. Similar to a turned ankle and needing tape from the athletic trainer, mental health deserves the same attention.

“If it feels like something may be getting in the way of someone giving their full 100%, we offer Kari’s services for a quick conversation (or a full sit down) in order to explore some options and learn about possible resources,” said Director of Marketing and Social Media, Megan Ulmer.

In Kari’s words “Resilience is a critical part of emotional wellness for all of us. It’s important to teach kids—no matter what their age—that they can clear roadblocks, overcome obstacles, imagine new possibilities, and “get back in the game” with new focus and clarity.” Club Fusion wants to ensure our athletes receive the best possible experiences, and this would not be possible without Kari!

The Player/Parent Liaison, Jennie Kull, has over 35 years of experience as a championship winning coach, and shares the value of communication, problem solving, and teamwork as she manages challenges on and off the court to ensure everyone is having the best experiences possible.  As a multi-state championship winning coach, parent to a Fusion alum, and experienced coach and mentor, Jennie brings with her the unique ability to teach, manage, and guide all individuals within Fusion towards success.

“Jennie’s influence within our Club in her short time being on staff has not only improved the quality of relationships between parents, players, and coaches, but has assisted in making us a stronger and more well-rounded club! Jennie not only mentors our young athletes, she also guides our parents through difficult moments, and provides learning opportunities for our coaches here at Fusion,” said Ulmer.

Club Fusion’s leadership understands that issues will arise within an organization, and feel that Jennie’s ability to foster good communication and relationship management amongst the club’s growing Fusion Family will continue to make their club one of the best.

The 3rd newest addition, Lynnette (Netty) Summins, is the Director of Recruiting, and recently joined the club in this role for their 25th year. Netty’s resume includes club experience at Munciana as an Open Level Championship player, she’s a 3x AVCA All-American and ACC Player of the Year during her time at Georgia Tech, she was a D1 college coach,  and club coach.  With over 400 girls in Fusion’s club level programs, and many looking to compete at the next level, Lynnette works tirelessly for each and every one of these athletes in order to help them achieve their goals.

Youth Program Pipeline

After reflecting on the goals of Club Fusion, and what they aimed to accomplish within their 25th season, the club created the Youth Program Pipeline. This pipeline consists of 5 integral parts, each focusing on a different aspect of the club volleyball world. Fusion continues to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages. This pipeline allows the club to present a foundation to parents that shows them the steps of the club volleyball world, and how each individual can improve their skills based on their age, level, and goals.

Starting at Pre-K with the Fusion Volleyball Academy and extending to the highest level National program, the pipeline lays out a seamless process for all parents to view and follow if they so choose. Club Fusion provides Zoom meetings during their off-season to ensure parents stay up to date on programs, and make Q&A available to them whenever they need.

“We strive for longevity with our athletes, and enjoy creating relationships with individuals through their time with Fusion. This Program Pipeline allows us the opportunity to work with athletes through the various stages of their club volleyball career!” added Ulmer.

Growth, development, consistency, and betterment! Club Fusion is always looking to improve their club, and be the best that they can be. The club has shifted their focus from solely looking at player skill development to honing in on individual development on AND off the court.

“With 25 years under our belt, we like to refer to themselves as Established & Experienced. However, none of this is possible without our players, parents, staff, and coaches… our Fusion Family. Thank you for this nomination, JVA, and thank you for making a difference in our lives and our community!”

Club Fusion (Batavia, IL) is a member of the Junior Volleyball Association, an organization committed to enhancing the junior volleyball experience for club directors, coaches, players, and fans.

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