For many Club Directors, Fan Wear, or Spiritwear, has become an essential part of the club operations.
Fan Wear can serve a club in many ways.

  • It can help foster a sense of community and inclusivity within the club by allowing players, families and fans to exhibit pride at all times.
  • It can also provide much needed branding for many programs. Fan Wear is not only worn in the stands but also in the wider world advertising your volleyball club to prospective players, coaches and sponsors.

There is an extra incentive to adding Fan Wear to your club offerings and one that many clubs overlook in their search for additional funds.  Fan Wear is a fantastic way of fundraising. In fact, it can be the best way to fund raise.

Here is some useful advice on utilizing Fan Wear as a revenue generator for your club:

Online Fan Wear Site 
Provide an online site with a company that will customize Fan Wear on demand. Allow your members to purchase directly through the site. Thay way you are ensuring your club is not being left with unsold merchandise and out of pocket. You are also ensuring you are not spending valuable time storing and distributing product during practice or competition.

Make sure your club website, email and social channels link directly to your Fan Wear store so that players, families and fans always know where they can go to purchase.

Product Selection 
It is vital to offer a range of products as part of your Fan Wear store. What you like isn’t necessarily what other members of the club will want to purchase. Make sure you include a range of apparel types in various colors to appeal to everyone. However, be aware that too much choice can be a bad thing and often deter potential purchasers from ordering.

Consistently update the selection. By regularly rotating available products, colors and styles will keep people coming back to your Fan Wear store and hopefully purchase more items. A stale selection will often be forgotten about in time.  Some successful Fan Wear sites will provide designs for various holidays or contemporary references that will appeal to new and repeat buyers.

Fan Wear Rebates 
Work with your provider to offer a rebate on all Fan Wear purchases that come back to the club in the form of a cash payment. Therefore, the more club branded items that are purchased, the more money the club makes in time.

One club earned an extra $1000 by selling 400 t-shirts in 6 months by simply setting up a Fan Wear store and advertising it through their channels.

What could your club do with an extra $1000 for relatively little work?

431 Sports Custom Fan Wear
Clubs have the ability to order more than just uniform packages on their Official Team Stores through 431 Sports. Players, families and fans can show team spirit at all times with club branded t-shirts, hoodies, training wear, bags, accessories and more including the ability to personalize with name and number! To find out more on how to become a 431 Sports Club Partner contact 431 Sports today at (877)896-6450 or

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