Milwaukee, Wisconsin (October 11, 2021) – The JVA is excited to announce an extended partnership with the Volleyball League of America to bring professional men’s volleyball to the junior volleyball audience across the country.

“We are super excited to welcome back the VLA to three of our events this season,” states JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn. “This partnership is instrumental to the JVA’s commitment to the growth of boy’s and men’s volleyball at all levels. The VLA’s display of talent, competition and pure enjoyment for the game is so much fun to watch. I encourage anyone who lives in and/or near Detroit, Louisville or Long Beach to come out and watch the matches live. We are eager for our event attendees to experience it.”

The VLA was co-founded and led by 2008 USA Gold Medalist Lloy Ball. Lloy has been instrumental in growing the sport both at the youth, collegiate, and professional level here on domestic soil since retiring after playing abroad for nearly two decades as one of the most decorated players in the sport’s history. When speaking about the upcoming season, Lloy adds:
“We are looking forward to kicking off the season this December with a few exhibition matches at the JVA Showdown in Motown. This will be a warm up event for us and an opportunity to introduce several new athletes, a new team, and possibly even involve a local collegiate team before we kick off 2022 Division play.”
The VLA will be hosting two of its divisional events at the JVA World Challenge and JVA West Cup where fans can look forward to seeing VLA’s returning charter member teams, as well as a few new additions to the league.
Due to significant growth in the number of athletes and following of the league, the VLA has created a two Tier competition model. Tier-1 has grown from five to eight teams this season allowing the league to implement the season plans they were unable to implement in 2021. Three divisions will compete in regular “World Cup” style events where each team in the division will host the other teams for a double round robin event. Teams will accumulate points similar to world league competitions: (3) points for a three set win, (2) points for a win in four or five sets, and the losing team earning (1) point if they lose in five sets. The top team from each division will earn a bid to the VLA Championships at the end of the season with a 4th team earning a “wild card” bid.
The new structure for Tier-2 teams is designed to give teams aspiring to be Tier-1 a path to achieve that goal. One of the Tier-1 Division competitions will be a Division Cup comprised of all of the Tier-1 teams in that division, as well as any Tier-1 or Tier-2 teams that wish to compete. Tier-2 teams will also compete in the VLA Cup, an annual competition featuring all Tier-1 teams and any Tier-2 teams who wish to compete. Through their competitions Tier-2 teams will be able to earn a bid to the Tier-2 championships at the end of the season.
In addition to bringing the action to the Junior audience in conjunction with JVA events, the VLA is excited to share features on the decorated athletes from each roster, as well as education and guidance for boys athletes and coaches. The VLA is especially passionate about growing boys volleyball and strives to provide a platform for connections with youth and VLA athletes to provide role models for the young athletes.
About the Volleyball League of America
The VLA was formed in 20019 in an effort to further develop adult volleyball in the United States. The teams feature former NCAA / NAIA Collegiate standouts and domestic as well as international professional players that have previously been competing overseas. Learn more here.
About the Junior Volleyball Association
The Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) is a non-profit that promotes the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events. The organization was formed in 2006 with a primary focus of being a voice for junior volleyball club directors and coaches. With over 1,200 clubs nationwide, JVA is the only organization that is focused entirely on youth and junior volleyball.