MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN (June 22, 2023)– JVA announces that it has partnered with Athlete Foundry, a veteran-owned EdTech company, providing its premium student athlete holistic development platform to all JVA clubs as a member-benefit.
The Junior Volleyball Association is the leading youth volleyball organization in America, dedicated to promoting the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events.  JVA is the premier organization to serve all the needs of the Junior Volleyball Community, guided by the members, player welfare, affordability and financial responsibility, transparency, and best practices.
Athlete Foundry’s first-in-the-Nation online platform gives parents of middle and high school student athletes a 6th thru 12th grade roadmap that lets them build their most comprehensive ATHUMADEMIC (athletic + human + academic) resume, enabling them to improve their odds of becoming collegiate athletes, increase their college financial assistance potential, and help prepare them to be successful in life after sports, regardless of current ability, gender, or zip code.
Athlete Foundry is not a recruiter, and we don’t replace your coach. We empower parents and their student athletes to see, track, build, and communicate a much better and holistic journey to collegiate athletics.  We’re doing something no one else is doing, making a difference, and we love it!” said Athlete Foundry CEO, KC Chhipwadia.
“Athlete Foundry has a thorough, unique, and holistic approach to guide players and their families as they navigate the process of earning the privilege of becoming a collegiate athlete at any level.” said Briana Schunzel, Director of Marketing, Education, and Partnership Development. “This platform supplements our commitment to education, development, affordability for all dedicated student athletes over the entirety of their academic journey while playing with JVA.  It is a resource we’re excited to provide to our members.”
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Athlete Foundry Contact:
Name: KC Chhipwadia
Phone: 281-942-0072