(Milwaukee, Wisconsin) The JVA is pleased to announce the top male volleyball athletes in the country nominated for the 2024 JVA Boys’ Watch List powered by Fivestar. Hundreds of boys indoor junior volleyball athletes from across the country made this year’s list. The players nominated are among the best in the nation in their age division this season.

“Congratulations to the male athletes that earned their place on the 2024 JVA Boys Watch List! We applaud your dedication and perseverance to get to this point in your career Here’s to the champions who have elevated the game and inspired a new era of excellence,” said JVA Associate Executive Director Lisa Wielebnicki.

The 2024 JVA Boys’ Watch List honorees will be eligible for selection to the 2024 JVA Boys’ All-National Team powered by Fivestar in June.

“Congratulations to all athletes who earned a spot on the 2024 JVA Boys’ Watch List. We at Fivestar are proud to partner with JVA in celebrating these amazing athletes,” said Fivestar’s CEO, Kyle Harrison. “We have seen some amazing highlights on the Fivestar Marketplace, and we can’t wait to see more from the Watch List nominees!”,

Fivestar launched in June 2022 with the mission to create a single aggregate location for all athletes–across all sports, at all levels of play–to curate their performance highlights and receive feedback and exposure from sports fans, peers and coaches worldwide.

View the 2024 JVA Boys’ Watch List HERE.

The players on the JVA Boys’ Watch List powered by Fivestar were nominated by a JVA Club Director during the nomination period in mid-February. For more information on the JVA Boys’ Watch List visit jvavolleyball.org/awards/jva-boys-watch-list/

About Fivestar
Fivestar is dedicated to supporting student-athletes by providing a platform to access their best sports highlights. The Fivestar Marketplace connects the best sports creators in the country with athletes and parents, so amazing plays can be captured and shared with coaches, family, and friends.

About the Junior Volleyball Association
The Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events. The organization was formed in 2006 with a primary focus of being a voice for junior volleyball club directors and coaches, and to this day with over 1,500 member clubs, is the only organization that is focused entirely on youth and junior volleyball.

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