Optimum Beach was established in 2014 as a high level beach volleyball training program with an international approach. Director Pri Piantadosi-Lima recognized early on that there was a need for a more dynamic approach to the beach athlete, and she wanted to offer a methodology rooted in Brazilian principles, with evolving techniques and focus on the whole athlete. What began with a core group of 5-6 players, eight years later is currently over 65 players, including; NexGen players (ages 9-13), Juniors (ages 14-18), College Recruiting Training Program (ages 15-18), adult women and men (A-AA-Open) and AVP pros.

The Optimum Beach approach relies on a unique methodology, which includes Brazilian principles, technical innovations, and a focus on developing the whole athlete for peak performance. Pri and her coaches keep their fingers on the pulse of beach volleyball, especially on FIVB game strategies and employ new systems into their practice plans on a continuous basis. The training combines elements of beach volleyball with strength and conditioning, sports psychology, mindset, recovery, nutrition and overall education about the sport and competition.

“We stress accountability and communication, and believe these core skills make a huge impact on athletic performance,” said Piantadosi-Lima.

Depending on the age and level, athletes will practice two to five times per week. The club prepares players for all levels, including high school, indoor, college, adult competition and pro tournaments, and so far boasts over 94 NCAA recruited players.

In order to coach at Optimum Beach, the coaches must all complete the Optimum Beach Coaches Training and Game Theory program. Current coaches have playing and coaching experience at the Olympic, AVP, and Collegiate levels. The enthusiastic staff is made up of talented and accomplished beach volleyball professionals who endeavor to instill respect amongst their players, equal opportunity and an atmosphere grounded in passion and dedication for the sport of beach volleyball.

“We provide our coaches with a training program that begins with a 25-page Coaches Manual. It is crucial to not only train our coaches to carry out our drills, strategy training and whole athlete methodology program, but also important that they understand their role and relationship to the player, parents, peer coaches and administration,” shared Piantadosi-Lima.

In addition, Optimum offers apprenticeships for coaches with limited beach volleyball and/or coaching experience, as well as Assistant Coaching opportunities for coaches to learn the club’s systems and training language, and offers a pathway to the club’s highest level of coaching, the Master Coach. Coaches who have reached a Head Coach II status have the opportunity to lead a division. Currently Optimum has two Division Directors composed of Head Coach and Master Coach.

“Our coaches meet regularly with myself, the Program Director, Division Directors and our Operation Director and Marketing Director to review training groups,” adds Piantadosi-Lima. “These meetings allow coaches to gain perspective, tools and assistance so they can represent Optimum Beach in the most positive light possible. This constant support allows our coaches to be more confident as leaders and mentors while offering the best training to our players.”

The ultimate goal for Optimum Beach is to ensure that each and every player is reaching their highest potential through personalized attention, safe practices and invaluable learned guidance within a supportive and positive environment.
Pri and her coaching staff encourage hard work, accountability, and dedication. Whether you are a beginner junior, a collegiate recruiting prospect, an adult player or a national or international Professional player, helping you reach your individual goal is critical to the club’s success.

“We have cultivated a program that truly reflects the community which we serve, recognizing that players thrive under the guidance of a diverse team of coaches, mentors and ancillary sports practitioners as well as beach volleyball supporters. We pride ourselves with making invaluable connections with college coaches, recruiting services, peer programs, sports psychologists, sports recovery practices as well as sponsors. Optimum Beach is honored and humbled to play a role in the development of athletes who aspire to hone their skills and strengths while enjoying and helping us build this sport we love so much.”

Optimum Beach (St. Petersburg, FL) is a member of the Junior Volleyball Association, an organization committed to enhancing the junior volleyball experience for club directors, coaches, players, and fans.

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