If you don’t have access to a gym or performance training coach, there are still ways to improve at home. Take your game to the next level with this equipment-free home workout to improve your vertical jump.

Warm Up (3 Rounds): 5 Burpees, 10 Air Squats, 12 Lunges
Lateral Hops:

First cycle to be performed with two footed hops, then repeat with single leg hops (1/2 reps per leg)

1>2 (Side to side) x40 Reps
1>4 (Front to back) x40 Reps
2>4 (Corner to corner) x40 Reps
1>3 (Corner to corner) x40 Reps
1>2>3>4 (Counterclockwise) x20 Reps
1>4>3>2 (Clockwise) x20 Reps

*Rest 2 minutes
**Repeat with single leg hops

High Intensity Circuit (4 Rounds): 30sec ON, 30sec OFF
  • Gorilla Burpees (lunge left leg, lunge right leg, air squat, burpee)
  • Skater Jumps (one leg jumps, side to side – looks like stationary speed skating)
  • Split Squat Jumps (start in a lunge, jump and alternate legs in air, land in lunge)
  • Jump Squats/Block Jumps (full squat then jump into stationary blocking move)
  • Single Leg Vertical Jumps (alternate leg each round)

*After each round rest for 3 minutes, then repeat
**Meant to be completed at HIGH INTENSITY


Accumulate 100 reps of each of the following:
  • Air Squats
  • Lunges (50x each leg)
  • Calf Raises
  • Mountain Climbers

*Break up sets as necessary
**Rest during and between sets as needed

Estimated Time of Completion: 30 minutes

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About the Author

Derek Jensen is the full-time Co-Director of MOD Volleyball in Chicago, Illinois. He is a former NCAA Division 1 athlete at Loyola University Chicago and long-time coach at D1. Derek is also a member of the JVA Board of Directors as the designated Boys Volleyball Representative.