Recruiting Solutions: April Qualifiers Bring May Maintenance

May is a great month to assess and maintain the recruiting process.  Many clubs have limited weekends of play in May and will train more in the gym to prepare for June championships. It is the quiet period for Division 1 programs, so college coaches are not permitted to have in-person evaluations or face-to-face interaction with prospective student athletes off campus.

Here are ways volleyball student athletes can be proactive in the month of May to move their recruiting process along:

  • Address your academics – catch up on assignments, prepare for AP and EOG tests, plan next fall/spring classes, meet with your academic counselor about progress towards NCAA eligibility – This is your FIRST priority!!!
  • Review film and create highlights for your profile, update college coaches on your improvement this season
  • Reassess your list of colleges in order of real interest and interaction to general interest. Some schools may need to be added or removed. Real interest is having interaction with the colleges coaches through email/text/phone call. General interest is receiving a general interest email or camp information.
  • Plan summer camps – there are only a few weeks to take advantage of college camps over the summer so prioritizing which ones to go to is really important in the recruiting process
  • Plan summer training – this includes strength/agility/private lessons. These all play an important role in the development of an athlete into a high level volleyball player.
  • Sand/grass training – consider adding this to your training. It improves the vertical jump, defensive play, overall volleyball IQ and muscle development.
  • Rest/Recovery – address nagging injuries and allow your body time to rest before June. It is ok to have a day away from the gym and training.
  • Club tryouts/next season – Assess what is needed mentally and physically for your growth ant the recruiting process. Many clubs are having tryouts in June, July and August so take time to analyze your options for next season.

May is fun time filled with social and school events. Make sure to take advantage of your free time to focus on your recruiting process. That way when June arrives you feel like you’re on top of it, rather than playing catch up.

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About the Author

Glenna Bianchin is the former JVA Recruiting Education Chair and former Recruiting Coordinator for Carolina Union Volleyball Club a JVA member club located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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