The JVA is pleased to announce the 82 athletes selected to the 2019 Ultra Ankle® JVA All-National Team, which recognizes the top female indoor volleyball players competing for a JVA member club in the 15s-18s divisions.

Each year there are more and more athletes competing at the highest levels under our JVA banner” says JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn.We congratulate this year’s JVA Ultra Ankle All-National Team, as well as the Club Directors and Coaches for raising the bar.  We thank you for your hard work and dedication, and we applaud your success!”

Class of 2019

Izzy Ashburn – 5’11” Setter. MN Select (MN). Univ. of Wisconsin
Amber Beals – 5’3” Libero/DS. Mintonette Sports (OH). Univ. of Michigan
Rose Booth – 6’1” Outside Hitter. Oregon Juniors Volleyball Academy (OR). Loyola Marymount Univ.
Megan Brzozowski – 5’9” Setter. Academy Volleyball Cleveland (OH). Fordham Univ.
Emma Ellis – 6’2” Outside Hitter. Carolina UVC (NC). Purdue Univ.
Kacie Evans – 6’0” Outside Hitter. Academy Volleyball Cleveland (OH). Univ. of Georgia
Emma Gabel – 5’8” Libero/DS. VCNebraska (NE). Univ. of Nebraska
Gabby Gonzales – 6’4” Outside Hitter. TKVBC (GA). Ohio State Univ.
Hannah Grant – 5’7” Libero/DS. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI). Michigan State Univ.
Kayleigh Hames – 6’1” Outside Hitter. K2 Volleyball Club (TN). Pepperdine Univ.
Elizabeth Juhnke – 6’0” Outside Hitter. Mizuno M1 (MN). Univ. of South Dakota
Kailey Keeble – 5’9” Setter. K2 Volleyball Club (TN). Univ. of Tennessee
Morgan Lewis – 6’3” Opposite/Right Side. WAVE Volleyball Club (CA). Univ. of Oregon
Anna MacDonald – 5’7” Libero/DS. TKVBC (GA). Univ. of Wisconsin
Kylie Murr – 5’6” Libero/DS. Munciana Samurai (IN). Ohio State Univ.
Makenzie Nichols – 5’10” Setter. Texas Advantage Volleyball (TX). TCU
Chiamaka Nwokolo – 6’1” Opposite/Right Side. Mintonette Sports (OH). Univ. of Pittsburgh
Jessica Robinson – 6’2” Middle Blocker. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI). Univ. of Michigan
McKenna Slavik – 6’0” Setter. Sports Performance (IL). Clemson Univ.
Kyla Swanson – 6’4” Middle Blocker. VCNebraska (NE). Univ. of Illinois
Lindsay Taylor – 6’2” Outside Hitter. FaR Out (MI). Miami Univ. (OH)
McKenna Vicini – 6’2”  Middle Blocker. Lexington United (KY). Stanford Univ.

Class of 2020

Lexie Almodovar – 5’8” Libero/DS. Munciana Samurai (IN). Univ. of Dayton.
Phoebe Awoleye – 6’1” Opposite/Right Side. A5 (GA). Univ. of Georgia.
Sam Csire – 6’0” Outside Hitter. Academy Volleyball Cleveland (OH). Univ. of Maryland.
Celia Cullen – 6’1” Setter. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI). Michigan State Univ.
Anna DeBeer – 6’0” Outside Hitter. Asics KIVA (KY). Univ. of Louisville.
Jade Demps – 6’4” Outside Hitter. Triangle Volleyball Club (NC). Univ. of Wisconsin.
Aubrey Hamilton – 6’2” Outside Hitter. Milwaukee Sting (WI). Notre Dame.
Scottee Johnson – 5’10” Setter. Mintonette Sports (OH). Univ. of Michigan.
Taylor Landfair – 6’6” Outside Hitter. Sports Performance (IL). Univ. of Minnesota.
Emily Londot – 6’1” Outside Hitter. Mintonette Sports (OH). Ohio State Univ.
Francesca McBride – 6’3” Opposite/Right Side. Michigan Elite VBA (MI). Mississippi State.
Kaya Merkler – 6’3” Middle Blocker. Triangle Volleyball Club (NC). Univ. of North Carolina.
Kalynn Meyer – 6’3” Middle Blocker. VCNebraska (NE). Univ. of Nebraska.
Hattie Monson – 5’6” Libero/DS. Sports Performance (IL). Notre Dame.
Jessica Mruzik – 6’1” Outside Hitter. Legacy Volleyball Club (MI). Univ. of Michigan.
Rylee Rader – 6’1” Middle Blocker Asics KIVA (KY). Ohio State Univ.
Melani Shaffmaster – 6’3” Setter. Munciana (IN). Univ. of Minnesota.
Raina Terry – 6’2” Outside Hitter. Mintonette Sports (OH). Univ. of Illinois
Taylor Trammell – 6’2” Middle Blocker. Lexington United (KY). Purdue Univ.
Melissa Walden – 6’0” Setter. Sports Performance (IL). Texas A&M
Jenna Wenaas – 6’1” Outside Hitter, Texas Advantage Volleyball (TX). Univ. of Minnesota

Class of 2021

Merritt Beason – 6’4” Outside Hitter. Southern Performance (AL). Univ. of Florida.
Julia Bishop – 5’11” Setter. Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy (MI). Michigan State Univ.
Jacque Boney – 6’3” Middle Blocker. A5 (GA). Univ. of Michigan
Brooklyn Borum – 6’0” Opposite/Right Side. Sports Performance (IL)
Raven Colvin – 6’1” Middle Blocker. The Academy Volleyball Club (IN). Purdue Univ.
Shaye Eggleston – 6’0” Outside Hitter. Tennessee Performance Volleyball (IN).
Gabrielle Essix – 6’4” Middle Blocker. Southern Performance (AL). Univ. of Florida.
Rachel Fairbanks – 6’1” S/OPP. Tstreet (CA). Univ. of Pittsburgh.
Elle Glock – 6’0″ Setter. VCNebraska (NE). Univ. of Southern California.
Kalissa Greene – 6’0” Setter. A5 (GA).
Aubrey O’Gorman – 6’3” Middle Blocker. FaR Out (MI). Michigan State Univ.
Alexis Rodriguez – 5’6” Libero/DS. Sports Performance (IL). Univ. of Nebraska.
Mac Russ – 6’0” Middle Blocker. Carolina UVC (NC). Wichita State.
Mabrey Shaffmaster – 6’2” Outside Hitter. Munciana (IN). Univ. of North Carolina.
Jessie Smith – 6’1 Outside HItter. Tstreet (CA). UCLA Beach
Katie Smith – 6’3″ Middle Blocker. Tstreet (CA). Univ. of Southern California
Haylee Stoner – 6’1” Middle Blocker. WAVE (CA).
Sydney Taylor – 5’9” Libero/DS. Mintonette Sports (OH). Ohio State Univ.
Sarah White – 5’11” Setter. Pittsburgh Elite 17 (PA). Ohio State Univ.
Anna Wolf – 6’4” Middle Blocker. MN Select (MN). Univ. of Minnesota.

Class of 2022

Bekka Allick – 6’3” Middle Blocker. VCNebraska (NE). Univ. of Nebraska.
Ella Bostic – 6’0” Setter. Munciana (IN).
Izzy Carter – 5’11” Setter. Lexington United (KY).
Emma Farrell – 5’7” Libero/DS. TKVBC (GA).
Olivia Fish – 6’0” Opposite/Right Side. Asics KIVA (KY).
Zoe Hall – 6’1” Middle Blocker. Texas Pistols Volleyball (TX). TCU.
Emma Halter – 5’4” Libero/DS. Team Indiana (IN).
Ella Holmstrom – 6’2” Outside Hitter. VC United (IL). Indiana Univ.
Katie Hurta – 5’11” Setter. 1st Alliance (IL). Univ. of Indiana.
Alexa Markley – 6’0” Outside Hitter. A5 (GA).
Serena Nyambio – 6’0” Middle Blocker. Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy (MI).
Maradith O’Gorman – 6’2” Opposite/Right Side. FaR Out (MI). Michigan State.
Kathryn Randorf – 6’0” Middle Blocker. Academy Volleyball Cleveland (OH).
Morgan Rank – 5’6” Libero/DS. Sports Performance (IL).
Madison Rice-Locket – 6’0” Middle Blocker. Asics KIVA (KY).
Avery Ross – 5’9” Outside Hitter. Munciana (IN).
Tess Schrenger – 6’0” Outside Hitter. Asics KIVA (KY).
Ella Wrobel – 6’3” Outside Hitter. Sports Performance (IL).
McKenna Wucherer – 6’2” Outside Hitter. MKE Sting (WI). Univ.of Minnesota.

To be eligible for this honor, athletes needed to be nominated for the 2019 Ultra Ankle® JVA Watch List announced in March.

The JVA All-National Team honorees will be honored and presented with an award at the JVA Awards Presentation on June 24th at 2:00PM during the AAU National Championships in Orlando, Florida. Click HERE to view the location and submit an RSVP.

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