For the fifth consecutive year the JVA will give $200,000 back to JVA member clubs through the JVA Sponsor Program. Applications are being accepted through October 14th. 


The JVA Sponsor Program is designed to reward JVA member clubs for promoting the JVA, supporting the JVA mission, and growing JVA at the regional and national level. The JVA is an organization, but more importantly a family of clubs, committed to improving the junior volleyball experience for JVA member clubs and their constituents.

We are excited to open our 2019-2020 Sponsor Program” states JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn. “The sponsor program is possible due to the support of our member clubs who bring their teams to our events and take advantage of our housing program.  We are also grateful to our many sponsors through whose support we can share our resources with our member clubs.  It gives us so much pride to see our sponsor clubs visibly show their ‘JVA Muscle.’

Last year 64 indoor clubs and nine beach clubs received a check from the JVA and were given the JVA Sponsor Club title. To this day nearly 200 clubs have been able to add new programs, purchase equipment, or improve their facilities from JVA sponsorship dollars. As a member driven organization, it is only fair to share the JVA’s success with the members who have been such an important part of the growth of the organization.

All JVA members are encouraged to apply for the JVA Sponsor Program. If your club is not yet a member, join today!

Applications for 2019-2020 sponsorship program will be accepted from September 4th through October 15th for indoor clubs and September 4th through November 16th for beach clubs. Click HERE for more information on the JVA Sponsor Program.

About the Junior Volleyball Association

The Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events. The organization was formed in 2006 with a primary focus of being a voice for junior volleyball club directors and coaches, and to this day is the only organization that is focused entirely on youth and junior volleyball.