In March of 2020, the Arizona Region volleyball season was forced to shut down amid the pandemic breakout. This forced clubs into unknown territory with the real possibility that many clubs were not going to survive, and many did not! But this gave birth to a new type of club and social mentality that seems to be spreading across the country. Directors quickly realized they needed each other, that our collaboration is our strength and together we can survive.

The Arizona Power League is the brainchild of long-time club volleyball director Rosario Lopez of Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2004 Rosario has been involved in the growth and development of junior club volleyball by connecting and educating local clubs under the guidelines provided by the AAU and JVA.

In late 2020, the Arizona Power League was born, with the understanding that to move forward, changes in how the hosts operate must become part of the DNA of the league. Being more responsible in how to run tournaments, practices and club functions will determine if club volleyball is here to stay for 2021. Everyone doing their part contributes to the whole.

We tell our players to play as a team, well here is our chance to lead by example” states Lopez. “Since the launch of the Arizona Power League we have received a great amount of support from the volleyball community. Clubs from all areas of Arizona have noticed that we are the real deal, providing good alternative solutions to over packed venues.”

Smaller three team pools provide shorter times inside a venue without sacrificing the level of competition. Providing a centralized venue where sanitation protocols can be controlled gives the participants a real sense of security and safety. Not to mention the participating clubs know exactly where they are playing each weekend and can better plan their drive times. Instituting a pay as you go system also gives clubs more control of their budget allowing them to hold on to club funds just in case they see another shut down. The Arizona Power League is also self-funded and the venues are paid in advance, which gives the league the stability to schedule the entire 2021 season.

Another benefit is the flexibility of scheduling and ability to customize. Clubs can participate in just the Arizona Power League, and they can also participate in other leagues and national events to get to travel and receive more competition.

Along with providing a great local schedule, we list sanctioned JVA and AAU events so that clubs can explore volleyball on the national level.

The Arizona Power League will run from January to June of 2021, providing five one day play dates ending with the Arizona Regionals and 8 two-day Premier Events. All competition will be held in the Phoenix, Arizona area. There are three divisions in each age group: Division 1 (open), Division 2 (championship) and Division 3 (Club).

As a new power league in Arizona our vision is to provide a safe and competitive league. We will operate with transparency, organization, and in service of our club members. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible for clubs, players, and families” adds Lopez. “We appreciate the JVA for supporting and believing in us.”

The Arizona Power League is providing positive changes for the athletes and families.

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The Arizona Power League events are JVA insured so teams of any affiliation are welcome and will be insured (AAU, USAV, JVA, etc). The Junior Volleyball Association is an organization of nearly 1,300 junior volleyball clubs across the country that is 100% committed to improving the junior volleyball experience for the directors, coaches, athletes and fans.

About the Author

Rosario Lopez is the Commissioner of the Arizona Power League and long time junior volleyball Club Director.