Kairos Volleyball and MVP Volleyball Club have collaborated to create the Dakota Power League, a competitive series of events taking place in the first part of the girls indoor season. Teams will compete in a three weekend series hosted by Kairos Volleyball at the Avera Human Performance Center in Sioux Falls, or an hour south at the CNOS Fieldhouse in Sioux City, home of MVP.

“The idea of the power league began with conversations with MVP, just an hour south of us. We both wanted to create something that could include the other clubs in our area and provide good competition for all of the area teams without having to travel long distance,” said Mitch Lunning, Club Director of Kairos Volleyball.

Teams from around the North Country Region will participate to take advantage of the great opportunity to get matches played early in the year. In the first year, the clubs are being conservative and only hosting at their two clubs’ facilities where they can host up to 128 teams.


Dakota Power League #1: January 20th-21st

Dakota Power League #2: February 3rd-4th

Dakota Power League #3: March 2nd-3rd

Teams can choose to play in one weekend or all three weekends. Teams will play 3 matches in one day of competition. There will be a paid R1 for each match. The cost is $150/team for a single date or $400/team if signed up for all 3 dates.


12’s, 13’s, 14’s, 13’s/14’s Upper, 15’s, 16’s, 15’s/16’s Upper, 17’s/18’s
Upper Divisions are to allow for higher level teams to play each other to create more competitive play.


2 matches + 1 crossover (3 matches total) – single day format

“We are excited to provide our teams with good competition in a power league with minimal travel and a chance to play matches that will not take up the entire weekend,” added Lunning.

Lunning advises club directors and leaders who are considering creating a power league to collaborate with another club or multiple clubs.

Collaborating on this series has been beneficial as we get different viewpoints and thoughts on how to run this event. It’s also allowed us to take on more teams in this first year and be able to host from a greater area as MVP has different connections than we do. It has created a great opportunity for our teams to compete with each other and others in the area”, said Lunning.

The Dakota Power League was modeled after one of the most established Power Leagues, the Mideast Power League, and the neighboring Midwest Power League. As the Dakota Power League grows, and boys volleyball continues to grow in the Dakota/Iowa area, Lunning definitely sees the possibility of adding boys divisions in the future.

For more information on the Dakota Power League, click here. To register for the league, visit www.advancedeventsystems.com/. For questions about the league contact Cale Hecht at calhecht@gmail.com or kairoseliterecruiting@gmail.com

Kairos Volleyball (Sioux Falls, SD) and MVP Volleyball (Sioux City, IA) are members of the Junior Volleyball Association, an organization committed to enhancing the junior volleyball experience for club directors, coaches, players, and fans. Learn more about the JVA at jvavolleyball.org/