“Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
~Joshua J. Marine

While we are still recovering from the pandemic, it can seem like there is not as much to celebrate. However, looking back at this year we are pleased to say that it’s been a positive one, that includes a 69% increase in JVA membership, four JVA hosted events, growth in the beach club dual competition format and events across the country, and a robust offering of Club Management and coaching education for junior volleyball Directors, Administrators and Coaches.

It was important to the JVA that we provided 100% refunds to teams for cancelled tournaments and teams that had to drop due to COVID related issues.  So, we see this year’s small net profit, coming through an extended pandemic, as a victory. We are excited to host the first JVA boys’ event in Detroit this month with nearly 140 teams.  Registration for 2022 is well on track as we have either sold out or are close to selling out for four of the six girls’ events. The 2022 JVA World Challenge will be hosted at the Kentucky Expo Center and the KICC Center with almost 1,100 teams competing in the midyear championship.

JVA membership is significantly more balanced geographically due to a large increase of JVA clubs on the east and west coast. The SCVA has recognized the value of a JVA membership, and now offers their Club Directors a free JVA membership as part of their SCVA membership. Other regions have expressed interest in this benefit as well.

The JVA’s niche continues to be junior volleyball club management, resources, and advocacy for Club Directors to better serve their junior athletes and remain financially sound. Through the creation of the Club Management Guide (alongside the Art of Coaching Volleyball) and the JVA Training Curriculum (completed 10/2021) club directors have access to business education on all facets of running a junior volleyball club, as well as a template for appointing, training, and evaluating coaches at each age division. Through the JVA Mentor Program 22 successful mentorships were facilitated, with new mentorships on the horizon.

Once again, the JVA planned a robust four-hour Club Management Track for the 2021 AVCA Convention, while sponsoring three indoor and two beach education sessions. We created a Club Health Insurance program for clubs to offer their coaches and staff under the JVA umbrella.

Athlete development and welfare is always at the forefront of JVA education as well. The creation of the JVA Mental Performance Series and continuation of the yoga and fitness education provides coaches and athletes with ways to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

In response to the racial violence seen in 2020 and the desire for volleyball to be inclusive for all athletes, we created the JVA Social Justice Task Force. Within six months of launching, we developed and implemented an 8-part educational series on anti-racism that brought open dialogue, expert insight, and numerous resources live on Zoom and in article form. In the 10 months that followed, we collected stories to understand the needs in our community, connected with club directors and coaches across the country who asked for our guidance and support and began planning for a gathering at the 2022 JVA World Challenge for the JVA Athletes of Color Alliance. We also brought in Jill Castle, founder of the Lockstep Collaborative, who, over the course of the next year, will help us develop and implement the JVA Equity Action Plan to create robust resources for club directors and move the needle on racial equity and inclusion in junior volleyball.

Looking back on the adversity we faced, during an unforeseeable time, we are proud of how we responded, but even more proud of how our members responded. We have never felt so much comradery among our members as we do today. The daily phone calls, texts, zooms asking for advice, offering help, seeking guidance is exactly why the JVA exists, and why it will always be a member driven organization. There are endless opportunities to build one another up, share success, and progress our sport forward.

As you look at your club and organization’s needs today, ask yourself how the JVA can serve you. We are eagerly waiting.

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