MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN (May 3, 2021)– Junior Volleyball Association(JVA) announced today a new partnership that will strengthen support for junior volleyball student-athletes. Honest Game, a startup based out of Chicago, provides technology that helps high school student-athletes navigate the college academic eligibility process. Honest Game works with public and private high schools/districts, coaches and counselors, club sports teams, athletic governing bodies and individual athletes to ensure students meet the academic requirements required to play college sports.

This partnership is part of JVA’s way of doubling down on support of volleyball student-athletes from a holistic standpoint and ensuring the sport of volleyball is delivering its promise to inspire and support the next generation of volleyball youth.

“One of JVA’s Guiding Principles is Athlete Welfare, and the benefits that Honest Game will bring to our member clubs will directly impact the future of their junior athletes,” states JVA Executive Jenny Hahn. “Honest Game will provide a tool to help insure academic success and enhance their recruiting progress”

As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), Honest Game tracks a student’s academic progress in real time so they can meet National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) requirements and access available college athletic scholarships. The startup, founded in 2019 by Kim Michelson and Joyce Anderson, provides academic eligibility status for each student-athlete, identifies when a student needs to re-take the SAT or ACT, enroll in summer school or credit recovery courses to become college scholarship eligible.

As former student-athletes, we believe in supporting and leading the next generation of student-athletes,” said Honest Game’s CEO Kim Michelson. “This partnership with JVA is an opportunity to blow open the doors of opportunity for all aspiring college volleyball players.

JVA’s decision to partner with Honest Game comes from a deep understanding and commitment to supporting the unique requirements for high school volleyball players going through the recruitment process. JVA Club Directors, Recruiting Coordinators, and families can rest assured that the student athletes will be on track to meet their collegiate academic goals through the excellent resources that Honest Game provides.

Honest Game is first-of its kind to automate tracking of academic eligibility that aims to improve learning outcomes by pairing a high school student-athlete’s passion for sports with a motivation for learning. Honest Game’s technology transforms high school transcripts into college athletic compliance-ready reports, so college coaches know immediately if students meet academic eligibility requirements to be recruited.

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