The JVA is thrilled to announce the return of the JVA Sponsor Program for the upcoming 2022-2023 junior volleyball season. After taking a pause in mid 2020 amidst the pandemic, the JVA is pleased to once again give $200,000 back to JVA member clubs in the 6th year of the JVA Sponsor Program.

In 2020 the JVA Sponsor Program had a record setting year with 64 clubs sharing the $200,000 that the JVA awarded to its members for promoting the JVA brand, supporting the JVA mission, and growing JVA at the regional and national level.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and youth sports were paused, the JVA was forced to cancel the remainder of its events, including the JVA World Challenge, JVA West Coast Cup and JVA SummerFest. Although the JVA could not give the financial support to the clubs who needed it more than ever, it turned its focus on providing as much education as possible to prevent clubs from shutting their doors and laying off their staff, as well as maintain the physical and mental wellbeing of the coaches and athletes.

“The JVA is in existence solely because of junior volleyball directors and the athletes served under their respective volleyball clubs  We are not only a voice for the JVA member club directors, but for any club that wants to be heard.  For years, directors and coaches have helped us cultivate the education and resources needed to share within this community, but more importantly, you have allowed us to bring clubs together based on a common interest…unite the sport and empower the athletes,” states JVA Director of Member Development, Lisa Wielebnicki.
“For all you have done to continue to grow the Junior Volleyball Association, especially through the last few years, we are beyond gratified to be able to say we can give back to your club again with the JVA Sponsor Program!  We all fought together, and now WE ARE BACK and better than ever!  Thank you allowing us to provide this resource for your community.”

The application process open August 1 and close on August 31, and will be available to all JVA member clubs, no matter the size.  The JVA Sponsor Program is available for boys, beach and girls programs. Selection is based on the club’s ability to meet sponsor level criteria, the club’s length of membership and support of JVA, and past contributions to JVA educational resources.

The JVA is extremely thankful to the clubs who have continued to support JVA events, and to the Club Directors and Coaches who have contributed to JVA resources and education shared with the junior volleyball community during an unforeseeable time when we it was needed the most. We are beyond excited to be able to give back to junior volleyball community, and we encourage all clubs to join together and #BeJVAUnited.

For more information about the JVA Sponsor Program click HERE.