(Milwaukee, Wisconsin) – The JVA is pleased to announce that it is launching the JVA Grant Program to promote the growth and accessibility of youth and junior volleyball by financially supporting JVA members in their efforts to provide new programs and services in their community.

Our motto is ‘improving the junior volleyball experience”. It was our hope coming out of our strategic planning session during the Fall of 2019 to tap into our club community (a very smart, creative, and innovative group) to find ways to grow our sport in new and non-traditional ways. We were delayed by the loss of two seasons. I am so happy that we are in a position to provide funds from the JVA Grant Program to help clubs take a risk, innovate and show us all how we can do more, do better, and answer our motto,” states JVA Executive Director, Jenny Hahn.

The JVA is committed to increasing opportunities for the growth of junior volleyball, especially related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Urban Initiatives, Disabled and Special Needs programs, and Boys volleyball.

The JVA Grant Program will launch June 1st and clubs interested in receiving a JVA Grant will able to apply for funding. A committee of two JVA staff members, one member of the JVA Board of Directors, and two JVA Club Director members will review all initial requests and those approved will receive a formal application to complete. Recipients of the JVA Grant will be notified by early July.

For more information about the JVA Grant Program will be available towards the end of May .