This award recognizes boys athletes from JVA supportive clubs for outstanding achievement on the volleyball court

Congratulations to the athletes named to the 2020 Ultra Ankle® JVA Boys Watch List! View honorees HERE.

As an organization committed to the growth and development of boys volleyball, we value the commitment and achievement of JVA athletes, and proudly award them with this honor.


Players eligible for nomination are currently competing in age divisions 15U, 16U, 17U or 18U and graduating high school in 2020, 2021, 2022 or 2023. The nomination must be submitted by the Club Director, Club Administrator or Boys Director from a JVA Member Club. The players nominated must be from the top two teams in the age division in the club.

Nomination Period

February 11th- March 15th, 2020

Selection Process

All players that meet the eligibility requirements will be selected for the Ultra Ankle® JVA Boys Watch List.


The Ultra Ankle® JVA Boys Watch List will be announced at the end of March 2020. Awardees will receive recognition in a press release that will be shared on the JVA website, JVA partner sites and social media outlets.

Nominate Your Athlete(s)

2019 Ultra Ankle® JVA Boys Watch List

Class of 2022

Chris KarnezisLibero/DSDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Tyler SmithLibero/DSCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Kyle ZelaskoLibero/DSNiagara FrontierWest Seneca
Hunter HensonMiddle BlockerMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Carter Van ErpMiddle BlockerCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Ryder Hill-ZastrowOpposite/Right SideMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Derek SchoberOpposite/Right SideClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Mason ConnorOutside HitterMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Seth CowmanOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Ryan DurossOutside HitterBay to BaySan Jose, CA
Cooper EvansOutside HitterDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Aiden OstendorfOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Andrew RogersOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Tyler VollingOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Chase GilbertSetterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Matt PenroseSetterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Charlie PodgornySetterDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Marty FragaLibero/DSEich's Volleyball ClubPlainfiel, IL
Seamus McGrathLibero/DSCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Andrew FedmasuMiddle BlockerEich's Volleyball ClubPlainfield, IL
Logan GiesekeMiddle BlockerEich’s Volleyball ClubPlainfield, IL
Nolan BosleyOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Giovanni NievesOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Emilio BedonSetterChicago EliteChicago, IL
Isaac GallineroSetterEich’s Volleyball ClubPlainfield, Il
Luke DwireOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Luke DwireOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH

Class of 2021

Isaac KahlscheuerOutside HitterRevolution Volleyball AcademyWaukesha, WI
Franky CapoLibero/DSThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Cameron GohdeLibero/DSMotion Volleyball ProgramWaukesha, WI
Bode HoustonLibero/DSMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Connor MurphyLibero/DSMotion Volleyball ProgramWaukesha, WI
Colin SmithLibero/DSCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Jake ChapmanMiddle BlockerMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Sean HaberthyMiddle BlockerThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Grant HubbardMiddle BlockerCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Cole IgnaszakMiddle BlockerNiagara FrontierWest Seneca
Luke McFallMiddle BlockerBay to BaySan Jose, CA
Kyle ToombMiddle BlockerCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Sean VeenendaalMiddle BlockerMotion Volleyball ProgramWaukesha, WI
Zuri WilliamsMiddle BlockerThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, In
Henry DufourOpposite/Right SideThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
DeAndre HarrisOpposite/Right SideMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Eric MuellerOpposite/Right SideMotion Volleyball ProgramWaukesha, WI
Richard PorwancherOpposite/Right SideDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Ben ProsticOpposite/Right SideChicago Elite Volleyball ClubChicago, IL
Adam ZielinskiOpposite/Right SideClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Coy BartonOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Barrett BrasczOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Jake DavisOutside HitterMotion Volleyball ProgramWaukesha, WI
Brian FarrellOutside HitterDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
William GottschalkOutside HitterMotion Volleyball ProgramWaukesha, WI
Charlie IdingOutside HitterMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Jacob MalakOutside HitterMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Joseph PelletierOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Wes RyleyOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Aiden SpenceOutside HitterMotion Volleyball ProgramWaukesha, WI
Elias SullivanOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Christian ThremOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Connor ToomanOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
John ZajakalaOutside HitterDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
John CiprianSetterDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Andrew DuleySetterMotion Volleyball ProgramWaukesha, WI
Aaron HernandezSetterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Logan KebisekSetterMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Ryan ReidSetterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Nicholas YeomanSetterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Tom KnappOutside HitterDIvision1 VBCNiles, IL
Kyle TeuneOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Kevin SchueleSetterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Kyle StuerselMiddle BlockerSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Brayan BarahonaLibero/DSSouthern Performance VBBirmingham, AL
Ryan MerkLibero/DSDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Asa LaBrecheMiddle BlockerSouthern Performance VBBirmingham, AL
J.J. BeckelhimerSetterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH

Class of 2020

Jesse HardinLibero/DSCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Caden RitcheyLibero/DSClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Collin ShieldsLibero/DSClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Michael SzewsLibero/DSMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Quinton DickersonMiddle BlockerClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Alex FreedyMiddle BlockerMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Alexander FreedyMiddle BlockerMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Frank PodgornyMiddle BlockerDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
John RzepniewskiMiddle BlockerDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Cole TragesserMiddle BlockerCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Jack YoungMiddle BlockerClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Nick WoolleyOpposite/Right SideClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Evan FaiferOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Colin HeathOutside HitterChicago BounceDeerfield, IL
Liam HurleyOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Drew JansenOutside HitterMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Andrew JansenOutside HitterMilwaukee StingMenomonee Falls, WI
Nathan JohnsonOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Joey KossOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Mark WickstromOutside HitterDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Karson EggertSetterPlainfield IL"
Gene McNultySetterUltimate,Mokena IL"
Mack TyrellSetterClub 1 VBC,Plainfield IL"
Rafael Vieyra IIISetterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Jared DurginLibero/DSCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Nicklaus GlueckertLibero/DSCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Hunter HaasLibero/DSCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Ben TruaxLibero/DSThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Mitchell DeaconMiddle BlockerClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Devin ShermanMiddle BlockerSouthern Performance VBBirmingham, AL
Justin GloverOpposite/Right SideCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
John HittOpposite/Right SideDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Dobry ShawOpposite/Right SideCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Dominic HagertyOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Jacob PearsonOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Francesco SaniOutside HitterThe Volleyball Practice (TVP)Rockville, MD
Joshua GottliebOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Luke SackmannOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Gabriel ScharoschOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Carter StenmarkOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Anthony TorresOpposite/Right SideSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Chandler OlsonSetterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Danny RisnerSetterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Ben ThompsonSetterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Jacob StarkMiddle BlockerSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Albert AtczyloLibero/DSSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Alex ModugnoLibero/DSSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Trey ColeLibero/DSLong Island AcademyBohemia, NY

Class of 2019

Zach AnglenMiddle BlockerThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Parker BealeOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Mario CapoOutside HitterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Ryne AndersLibero/DSClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Jacob CallahanLibero/DSCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Austin HendricksLibero/DSThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Camell LooneyLibero/DSSouthern Performance VBBirmingham, AL
Josh TagtmeyerLibero/DSClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Samuel ClarkMiddle BlockerThe Volleyball Practice (TVP)Rockville
Drew EhlersMiddle BlockerClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Ben KiserMiddle BlockerCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Ryan McGladderyMiddle BlockerClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Alex MulvinMiddle BlockerCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Jace NivenMiddle BlockerCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Jakob PickettMiddle BlockerThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Garrett BessOpposite/Right SideThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Hayden CastleOpposite/Right SideClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Nathan CuppsOpposite/Right SideClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Joshua DubovecOpposite/Right SideCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Lucas FrassrandOpposite/Right SideThe Volleyball Practice (TVP)Rockville, MD
Nick PalatineOpposite/Right SideClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Austin SwansonOpposite/Right SideClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Marc ArsenaultOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Evan BeykeOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Colton BrooksOutside HitterBay to BaySan Jose, CA
Brett BryceOutside HitterRUSH Volleyball ClubQueen Creek, AZ
Teddy ButlerOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Brandon DunzOutside HitterNiagara FrontierWest Seneca
Michael GarbacyzkOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Ethan HubbardOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Kennon JohnsonOutside HitterSouthern Performance VBBirmingham, AL
AJ JonesOutside HitterA5Alpharetta, GA
Jack ShampineOutside HitterDivision1 VBCNiles, IL
Matthew TompkinsOutside HitterHigh Performance STLSt. Louis, MO
Jacob WehrmanOutside HitterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Ben WilliamsOutside HitterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Caleb CambronSetterCincinnati Volleyball AcademyMason, OH
Myles ClarkSetterThe Academy Volleyball ClubIndianapolis, IN
Gabe DeBenedettoSetterVC UnitedLoves Park, IL
Sam EilandSetterThe Academy Volleyball ClubeIndianapolis, IN
Payton JacobsSetterThe Volleyball Practice (TVP)Rockville, MD
Harinder KhairaSetterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Jake SimpsonSetterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Brandon StirnSetterClub 1 VBCPlainfield, IL
Jack BolzOpposite/Right SideDIvision1 VBCNiles, IL
Jack HrvatinMiddle BlockerDIvision1 VBCNiles, IL
Thomas CavallaroSetterDIvision1 VBCNiles, IL
Justin PowellSetterDIvision1 VBCNiles, IL
Dorian FiorenzaOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Eddie JakubauskasOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
John JaworskiOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Kevin LampOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Kyle RasmussenOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Benett SchreinerOpposite/Right SideSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Ryan SwartzOutside HitterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Sean CaliffSetterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Henry CurtisSetterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Kevin KaulingSetterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Jakub MigusSetterSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Hunter BaileyMiddle BlockerSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Jeremy CardenasMiddle BlockerSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Rico WardlowMiddle BlockerSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Scott ClarkeLibero/DSSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Fred HalperLibero/DSSports Performance VBCAurora, IL
Zach MorrisLibero/DSSports Performance VBCAurora, IL

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