The BridgeAthletic Building Block Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be performed by volleyball players of all levels with limited equipment needs. This building block is designed as a power circuit to mix in with your regular volleyball sessions.

Methodology: Include these exercises in this circuit into your practice sessions. That is, between drills or as you rotate through, perform one of the circuit exercises then repeat, progressing in the order shown below.

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1. Up and Out Jacks

Level: All

Movement: This is a fun alternative to regular Jumping Jacks. Work on coordination and timing of the movement, which can be challenging as you tire from the circuit. Always keep your palms down through this drill.

Bridge tip: If you have a partner, try to sync your movements so you are both keeping a consistent rhythm throughout.

2. Partner Clap Pushups

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Movement: A great exercise in a circuit designed for athletes to compete against each other. Start in the pushup position facing each other. Both athletes move together and clap their opposite hands at the top of the movement. For beginners, perform this movement from a kneeling pushup position.

Bridge tip: Keep your mid-section braced and lower-back flat throughout the movement, as this helps builds core power for stronger play at the net.

3. MB Throwdown
Level: All
Movement: This is a great exercise to use for power endurance work, helping build strength for the final set.

Bridge tip: We like to emphasize getting full extension (as tall as you can) before the throwdown, and working on the counter-bounce of the MB to create a quick tempo.

4. MB Standing Side Throws
Level: All
Movement: You need a wall to throw the MB against or the same partner you had as the Partner Clap Pushups. Focus on quick torque at the hips to lead the movement, not a long drawn out rotational movement, as this will translate to a slow rotational hip tempo for hitting.

Bridge tip: Keep your elbows locked at your side with each throw to emphasize the trunk rotation and to minimize the arm throw.

5. Continuous Jacknives
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Movement: The focus here is to keep your lower-back pressed into the ground throughout the movement. This is a great “finisher” exercise at the end of the circuit, or at the end of each round to elicit the endurance effect while maintaining form.
Bridge tip: Press your belly button into the ground throughout the allocated time per set. Keep your neck and shoulders as relaxed as possible to avoid tension in this area.
We hope you enjoy this full-body power circuit. To get more personalized training programs, visit our website at #BridgeBuilt
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