The past twelve months has been a difficult time for many volleyball organizations. Club Directors across the country have done a remarkable job navigating the challenges COVID-19 has presented. From disrupted seasons, financial uncertainty, and staying on top of changing local, state and national guidelines, there has been a lot to deal with. And then there are uniforms!

There are very few companies that have remained unaffected by the pandemic and uniform manufacturers are no different.

While it seems like there may be light on the horizon with growing awareness on how to treat and prevent the spread of the disease, its effects may be felt for some time to come. As volleyball clubs turn their attention to preparing for a new season, it will certainly be met with a healthy mix of excitement and anxiety. Instead of letting that anxiety of the unknown paralyze you, there are certain things, you as a volleyball club can do to mitigate its effects on your organization:

Finalize product assortments early

It is important to determine what uniforms, training apparel and fan wear you want for the upcoming season as early as possible. Your uniform provider will be able to help you not only determine the right product for your needs but also help you traverse what could be a tricky ordering season.

The earlier you let your uniform provider know this information, the more control they have on the situation. As the club season winds down this is a good time to reach out to your uniform provider.

Confirm product availability

Regardless of which brand of uniform you choose, it’s important that your uniform provider works closely with them to ensure your chosen products availability. As manufacturers continue to hurdle production delays, logistical bottlenecks and freight challenges, some retailers have in-house brand representatives for full transparency. Does yours?

Identify customization needs

Not only do your uniforms need to be ordered in advance, in many cases, so do your logos. By confirming your customization details early, your uniform provider can eliminate unnecessary delays by ensuring your uniforms are ready to be customized as soon as your players order.

By identifying your customization needs early, there may also be an opportunity to “pre-make” some of your uniforms so that they are ready for when your players order. It is helpful to identify your customization needs by the end of this club season for the following season.

Forecast Team and Player Counts

We have spoken about the importance of forecasting uniforms, but this year it is exceptionally important. Not only may it help reduce turnaround time during a compressed uniform ordering cycle, it provides the manufacturers insight into how many products to produce to ensure there is enough inventory in the marketplace.

Remember, there should be no risk to the club. You are not on the hook for the inventory, or financial burden.

By taking these four steps, you may go some of the way in creating a less stressful ordering season, allowing you to spend more time on other areas of your organization.

For more information on how to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on your organization’s uniform ordering process contact the 431 Sports team today at or 1-877-896-6450.

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