Tamarack Beach Volleyball Club was founded in the Summer of 2013 in Carlsbad as a small year-round boutique beach club with only 4 athletes. The goal was to train the fundamentals of the game as well as high level beach volleyball skills to prepare athletes for juniors and pro tournaments as well as collegiate beach volleyball. The following year Tamarack joined the JVA and continues to work hard to represent the beach volleyball community, while also having a lot of fun!

Tamarack quickly grew to over 25 girls in the first summer, and has continued to expand ever since. The club was founded by Andrew Bennett, Dave Noble, Aurora Salas, Cameron Schmidt and Sally Whitmore, but the staff quickly grew to include Matt McDevitt (a 2018 AVCA 30 under 30 Recipient), Steve McFadden (Head Coach of Laguna Beach HS Beach Volleyball), Ryan McDevitt (Head Coach of Sage Creek HS Beach Volleyball) and other great coaches.

The year-round beach club offer a summer program that is structured into an 8 week block of training in small groups. There is one coach per 8 athletes, and the program includes recruiting guidance. There are programs for each level:

  • advanced and intermediate athletes train three times per week for 2 hours
  • beginners train twice per week for 2 hours
  • boys train twice per week for two hours

As mentioned, the club stressed the importance of having fun when training and learning the game. One of Tamarack’s beginners, a ten year old named Keeley, served over the net for the first time, but only when she yells “I Love Puppies” while serving (video below).

Since 2013, Tamarack has won three Junior Olympic Gold medals, numerous awards, medals and placed 36 female athletes at NCAA Beach volleyball programs. Most recently, a Sophomore, Christine Deroos committed to Long Beach State for the class of 2020.

Tamarack will be sending players to compete in the upcoming BVCA National Championships, the largest beach championship in partnership with the JVA.

“Every summer is amazing as we have an influx of new players who we get to know and train, as well as our Alumni returning to train during the summer months from their colleges” shares Tamarack Beach Club Director Andrew Bennett. “It is truly a family, and we always looks forward to expanding our family every year, and the memories we create at each event and practice.”

Tamarack’s plans for the future are to keep training more and more athletes to be the best on and off the court, to keep learning from other coaches and programs and to never stop working hard for the athletes. In addition, the club would like to compete in more travel and out of state events in 2018 and 2019, and to network with new clubs and players in the Beach Volleyball World to grow as a club and as coaches.

Tamarack Volelyball Club, located in Carlsbad, CA, is a member of the Junior Volleyball Association, an organization committed to enhancing the junior volleyball experience for club directors, coaches, players, and fans.

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